>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, as I have blogged about before we have a new addition to the zoo. Megan, Matt's cousin moved in this weekend in our basement. No matter who it is company is company even if it is family. I read on another mama's blog that and agree with her that you are still cooking, cleaning, and serving so it isn't relaxing. I am tired, as if I am not tired enough with my youngest not sleeping. Ah well, family is gone now and Meg will try and find her place in with our crew.

Saturday I received a much anticipated piece of fluffy mail. It is my, da da da dummm, Panel Kozy Mei Tai! This beauty was made by Kelly over at Kozy and at one time there was a "special" list you had to be on to get one of these and as far as I know that is done. I never thought that I would ever be lucky enough to be online when one became available (over at TBW) nor did I think that I would ever be in a position to be able to afford one. Well, my sweet sweet husband told me that I could get it as my push present since he hadn't gotten me anything yet and V was born over 7 months ago. So without further ado...

I love the rich maroon velveteen fabric and the straps by my shoulders have some padding so that was an added surprise. The panel is so pretty and will match so many of my clothes. This is not going to be one of those carriers that I hide in the closet so that I can say I own one, heck no (!!), this is going to be worn like crazy! I am now blessed with what I believe is a perfect stash of carriers for my girls (until I find something else that I have.to.have *wink*)


Jennifer Wednesday, August 15, 2007  

Oh, that is gorgeous! It makes me alllmost want another baby, just to get one. Almost. ;)

Darcys Knotty Knitter Thursday, August 16, 2007  

WoW so gorgeous what a nice hubby!!!Darcy

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