Wordless Wednesday - Princess Jumping Bean

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I NEED to start blogging again but I have 2 sick kiddos that need me more, I will try soon! Piper and her cousin both dressed up like princesses while we were in Ohio. My monkey even mastered jumping in those crazy little princess shoes without breaking her ankle!

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Swingset = Fun! Fun! Fun!!

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yesterday the girls and I went to our friends house and Piper played with Kyle running around the yard and playing on his oh so nice swingset! I have been thinking that a 2 year old might be a little bit too young for those monster swingsets but Piper could do so much on them and they grow with the kiddos. Kyle's was from Costco and I am thinking that we may be buying one of those when they have them instock again this spring. Kyle has such a nice big flat yard that is PERFECT for him to play and run around his "barn", I came home and looked at my sloping yard and sighed, thankfully we have friends to visit.

For anyone that cloth diapers or if you don't but want to help a great cause there is a HUGE lottery going on over at Hyena Cart. Amy (Crankypants) and Suzanne (The Good Mama) have teamed up with a bunch of other WAHM's and ALL the proceeds from the lottery will go to Miracle Diapers! Tickets are $5 each and Amy is releasing 150 of them each day at 10 am.
Crankypants + Goodmama = Miracle Diapers Lottery Love!


Fall Ya'll

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yes it is finally fall down here in the south - for now. My favorite season doesn't last nearly long enough but after the warmer temperatures that we have been experiencing in NOVEMBER I will take whatever little bit of coolness that Mother Nature decides to give us. The girls were taking their afternoon nap and I was eating some celery M&M's and watching the wind blow outside. You just can't help but notice the beautiful blue sky when there isn't a cloud to be seen and the colorful leaves dancing in the breeze makes me want to pull out a sweater or make my family a good old fashioned southern home cooked meal. Since it is 60 and I would still sweat if I wore much more than 3/4 length sleeves I guess it will be the latter that I will do. Suddenly a knock on my door and the UPS driver handed me a...
wonderfully festive box

inside I found a perfectly decorated gift - for me wheeee!!!

and look who came to live with The Zoo - Paula Deen!!

How did I get this lucky? Well, I entered a contest lovers contest a few weeks back (probably 600 contests from a TON of different blogs - hope you played too) and got lucky enough to win 1. I didn't enter everything I saw, just what I KNEW I would use. Cassie, Mockingbird Hill , picked me (yippee) or the random generator did anyway but regardless I feel so blessed. After seeing how much work Cassie put into a GIVEAWAY I think that I want to be her friend :) At the very least I will stalk her blog *wink* - Thank you so much mama I can't wait to pick my first recipe!!!


Wordless Wednesday - Final Bloom

>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We have these bushes that we had put in when we remodeled but I have no idea what they are - we are in NC and they bloom in spring and fall. If you have ANY idea PLEASE leave me a comment - I have done a search but it has been unsuccessful so far. The second picture is of my rose bush that still looks pretty sorry but (whoopee) I haven't killed it. Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone!

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>> Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We have this little black tie event that we are attending next month and I am not 100% happy with the way that I look these days after having Violet (I know it was 10 months ago). It was very hard for me to try on dresses and find one that I liked enough to buy but I did and it will be fine. To make myself feel a little better I decided to try and find a really cute pair of shoes (to take the eye away from my ankles up). The shoes that I found are FIERCE - they are my 4 1/2" ruby red slippers! To anyone reading this who knows me personally you might ask "Can you walk in those Jessie? Your day to day shoes are Birkenstocks", well as a matter of fact I have been practicing and I don't think I look horrible walking :) Anyway, I was taking some pictures of things I will be listing on eBay and thought I would take a picture of the outfit I will be wearing.

Speaking of Dorothy, there is another Dorothy on my mind these days. The Apronista is having giveaways each week until Christmas and this week they are giving away an apron from Carolyn's Kitchen, talk about some cute (and HOT see the Marilyn) aprons! For myself I would choose the Dorthy Apron probably in pink/black but my mind could change on that. To enter you just have to leave a comment this week and let them know which apron you would pick if you won. Good luck!


My most memorable birthday

Coming up on 4 years ago I was to be in Ohio for my birthday, my husband (then boyfriend) was out of town anyway so I went up there to do some extra planning on our wedding. My SIL and I were to go and finalize the cake, photographer, location, and DJ. We ate lunch at Wendy's and while we were eating Matt called and wished me a Happy Birthday. Rachael, who might have heard my answers to what he was saying, asked me when I got off the phone if it was my birthday - yep :) So we finished up all the errands that we had to do that day and then headed over to my BIL and SIL's house for a visit. Well, when we went in and then downstairs there was this table set up with food, a cake, and all of Matt's female family members (I didn't notice this at first). Together everyone yelled "Surprise!" and to myself I thought, "OMG, a surprise birthday party for me?". Nope. However just as thoughtful and appreciated, it was a surprise bridal shower :) Such a fun day and it was really cool that they all came for me. I still laugh at that day and will always remember that birthday because thanks to my husband's family.

What is your most memorable birthday? The Crazy Hip Blog Mamas are having a contest with Projector123.com and are giving away a night at the movies (well sort of). Projector123.com rents out projectors and you can have your own "movie night" right at your home! Blog about that birthday, sign up with CHBM's, and sit back and wait to see if you win! Good Luck!


A Marketer's Dream

That is what my husband has called me since he met me and last night I laughed at my daughter sleeping and realized that it is true and sadly she is one too.

Notice the Blue's Clues pillow, she has only watched that show a few times but she LOVES Blue the dog. I found just the pillowcase at a thrift store for around $1. On the show they have this thing that they do with their hands that sort of reminds me of "jazz hands" when they say "Blue's Clues" and seriously my kid does it. The first time she saw a paw print while we were out she did the jazz hands and said "Blue's Clues" - What??? We do let her watch Dora though and last night when I ran to Target I found that little pillow for $1.98 and I knew that she would use it. She did not go to sleep with her head laying on both pillows she must have woke up and did it on her own which was why I took the picture in the first place. Did you happen to see Mickey? She adores Mickey Mouse and the way that she says it is TOO cute! Mickey was a purchase that I made because she was the best girl at Target one day when I had to shop in the toy department for someone else's birthday present. Mickey comes everywhere with us - I hear her in the living room right now talking to him. Oh, I thought that I would be able to be a parent that keeps their kids away from all the junk out there but it looks like I am getting sucked right in.

Finally, how about that picture??? It was taken with the night option on my camera - so cool! I call it my "night vision" option b/c it looks like it was a lighted room, at least I thought so. I find so many cool options on my camera all the time and I have had it over 2 years - what would happen if I actually read the manual or took a class, I'd be dangerous!!


*sigh* another week in the books...

>> Friday, November 9, 2007

and what do I have to show for it? It seems like I am rushing around doing things all the time and then at the end of the week when I am looking at my dirty home I wonder what the heck I actually accomplished. There are times that I feel that I am a failure at this whole SAHM thing, maybe not so much the mom part but more of the homemaker part - to be blunt I think I suck at it most of the time. Everyday I either get the girls outside at our home or running around somewhere and then I try and do chores during their naps but lately all I have been feeling like doing while they sleep is sleep myself! I hope that this is just temporary and a stomach bug appears so that I know I haven't totally turned into the slug that I fear I am.

Today was so pretty outside, fall has been here in NC this week FINALLY! The temperature was probably still in the low 70's but it had a coolness to the air that wasn't here last week. I got out in the garage and looked through some of our Christmas decorations to see what we still might need. Lowe's has an inflatable Mickey Mouse that Piper sees all the time when we go there and stands in awe - he is on my day after Christmas sale list (keep your fingers crossed that he will still be there!). Last year Matt caved and got me Piper a blow up snowman for our front yard, seriously she stared at that thing all season and I hope that Violet will do the same this year when she sees it. Here are a few shots of the girls from us hanging out today. I TRY not to bring the camera out with me EVERY time but then they do something cute and I am off running for it. Anyway,

I have limited tricks right now but I *think* that my husband is going to buy me Photoshop (woohoo!!) and then I will be photo ho'ing more than I do now!!

And before I go and see what my online pals have been up to this week I would like to give everyone a heads up on a VERY FUN contest that The Apronista is having to win a FABULOUS apron made by Sommer Designs. Carrie could seriously become a crush of mine - she is that cool (at least from her blog I think so anyway). You know when you look at something out at a store and say "I can do that"? She actually DOES IT and her projects turn out SO NEAT! Check out her blog and site for amazing works of art! Or, get on over to The Apronista and enter the contest to win one of her aprons!


Is Halloween really over???

>> Monday, November 5, 2007

Well technically, but for The Zoo it ended yesterday after I packed away the costumes that I purchased for our 4 legged family members from Target's 75% Halloween sale. I went online and saw that Target opened at 8am yesterday so off Violet and I went to score some deals (we were there at 8:15am). Violet, as I had thought, woke up at 5AM(!!!) and was ready to go! I am pretty psyched at my finds yesterday because if you shop Target you know that when they finally clearance stuff there are treasures to be found! We brought home some fun leopard floor pillows for us to lounge on and a really pretty pink tapestry to cover up with. I had some coupons and no lie they PAID ME to take some of their Halloween candy! I found this great little website, A Full Cup, and check it out about once a week to see what the folks on there are buying and the deals that I might find on my weekly shopping trip.

Now, to my Best Shot Monday...Mabel is such a crab!!!

Of course Piper had to wear it too - that was also a shot taken not from the hip but more from the boob :) I was just trying to get her in it because she wouldn't sit still because she had to run (Ready, Set, Go Mama!!) I love the look on Violet's face in the background.

Did you take any fun shots lately? Check out Picture This for other's Best Shot Monday and also for some inspiration to get out there and try and get your best shot!

little bsm button


Woot Woot!!

>> Saturday, November 3, 2007

A big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved with Carl Edwards Busch team because they won the Busch Series Championship today in Texas! I have a feeling that rice krispie treats might be making an appearance Monday morning. We are so proud of you all (especially you my darling). Funny, because I was going to come on here and write all of this but then I stumbled upon something on my computer that I must also include - my crazy, fun, big kid himself husband and our daughter being left alone with Photo Booth.

I love you baby!


Quick photo

>> Friday, November 2, 2007

of Violet in her cutie bow. Her and I played ball while Piper napped this afternoon. My best friend, Trista, says that there always seems to be a dog in my pictures and that is normally true; sometimes I crop them out but not today so there is our big dog hanging out. The rest were sunning themselves by me.


Vote for my girls!!! (Please)

So I entered the babes in a Halloween contest over at An Island Life and the winner gets a $20 GC to Amazon - imagine the books I could get for them! Now, only vote for them if you think they have the best costumes. Go over to An Island Life Costume Contest and look under children's and then they are The Lucas Zoo.

Have a great Friday!


It is over for ANOTHER year

>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

So the light up animated scary tree in our front yard will get packed away tonight along with the spooky lighted (dead) spruce next to the door. The pumpkins will be brought to the dump next week with our recycling and the candy will be sent with Megan for her 7th graders to become even more WIRED! Halloween is over once again, it truly is my favorite holiday so I am a bit sad. Winter holidays are coming quickly, the air was cool and crisp this morning but turned to another 75+ day in NC so it doesn't really feel like fall yet. Saturday before bed we will change back the time and soon we all will wake in the morning and eat supper in the dark! My beauties have been getting up around 6:15am - Sunday is going to be hard if they get up at 5:15am!! We've done it before though and it just takes a little bit of tweaks during our day and we will be back to being somewhat normal (us normal ha ha!) in about a week.

The girls and I went out on the deck to play catch after their naps/baths this afternoon. I actually put SPF on them b/c I feared for burns! Check out the fun bow that Piper has in her hair - it is her fav, ducks! My multi-talented mama friend, Dinah, makes them and gave both Piper and Violet duckie bows - lucky girls! Piper is showing me the troll doll that she got a few weeks back at The Children's Schoolhouse's kiddie carnival - she is all set for BINGO huh?

Have a great day and don't forget about the Rockin Baby Ring Sling Giveaway over at Mamanista and also the Pink Dyson Giveaway at the Domestic Diva! Take care!



OMGosh, when I saw this contest I just knew that I had to enter it for my girls. How fun would it be for them to have this awesome car sitting under the tree this year?

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a contest GIVING away this prize!! Well, actually you could choose anything that you wanted from Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables if you won valued at $179! Wowzers! Please, please, please go and check out this contest and get yourself entered because it ends November 30, 2007 and Christmas is JUST around the corner! There are so many neat things on the Pedal Cars and Retro Collectables website it would be hard for anyone to choose just 1 prize!



I think that I am in LOVE! I had originally asked my husband for a few pieces of antique china for Christmas (to be chosen at random when the mood struck) but I think I have changed my mind! The Heavenly Hostess sells the MOST BEAUTIFUL aprons I think I have ever seen! Now, want to hear the best part? The Apronista is GIVING ONE AWAY! Interested? Get on over and sign up before midnight November 2 - good luck!

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