Weekly Winners 4.24-4.30

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Party Girls

Feeling Blue

Dance, Dance, Dance



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Relay for Life 2009

May 29th was the night of Relay for Life - this year both girls participated. We chose some of their toys that they are not using and sold them on Craigslist and a local mama board that I belong to to raise some money to donate for the cause. Each girl walked about 1 lap and rode a lap. I made the mistake of only taking the single stroller rather than our double b/c Piper said she wanted to walk. Sure, until we actually got on the track and she had to walk then decided she wanted to ride. The scowl face is b/c she is angry with me for telling her that Violet was riding and not her. Love the pout :)

I commented to Megan, who joined us again this year, how moving it is to see all the supporters there that will spend the night walking. What also got me this year was the amount of YOUNG survivors and how many children and teens were there walking - so awesome! The girls got some suckers and then also got their faces painted - it was a really nice time :)

Although bad and you can't actually see my babe this might be the only picture of us that I get for some time.

and finally home again and happy!


Just to See You Smile

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

What goofy face or sound haven't we done to try and get her to actually smile for the camera instead of just grinning at us :) So now making her smiling debut on the blog...our baby Ruby!


All Fall Down

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am so very sad today. I tell the girls not to do things over and over again but they still do them. We put them in time outs but the next day (or sometimes a few minutes later) they just do it again. I realize that they are young but this was what I was trying to prevent. Ugh, this morning while screwing around the girls had an accident and my Violet got the worst end of it. She fell face first on our kitchen tile floor and immediately the blood started, gosh it was EVERYWHERE! It wasn't until we got the bleeding under control that we noticed she had also chipped her front tooth. Lastly, it wasn't until we got her settled down a little bit that we saw she also has a pretty nasty bruise on her chin from hitting that too. Bless her heart! Our pediatrician told us that the way her lip was punctured they wouldn't stitch it but that we should see a pediatric dentist about her tooth. While I was taking these pictures I noticed that not only is that tooth chipped but it also looks like it is now crooked in her mouth. She sees the dentist Tuesday and will probably freak out since she is so young and strange men scare the heck out of her. We played a few games this afternoon after her nap so I know at this point it looks worse than it feels - thank goodness! It could have been worse so I am thankful for that but I hate it for my baby that now she will have a chipped tooth until it falls out when she is older - is that bad of me?
Don't mind the chocolate pudding face that she has - I made it while they were napping as a special soft treat and she wouldn't let me near her face to wash off the remnants.


Wordless Wednesday - Mommy Time

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More WW over at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Our little Dove

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today was the day that Piper has been working all year for - her dance recital. They were dancing to "Snow White, Kicked Up a Notch" - it was really cute from what I got to see (sadly only 2 songs). Last fall Piper decided that she wanted to be a ballerina after watching a Saturday morning cartoon with Angelina Ballerina in it (a mouse ballerina for the non-cartoon crowd). There were many times that I wasn't sure that we would make it to the recital today b/c she lost interest for about a month but then got right back into it again. Gosh, it was so worth it to watch her today - I was in tears seeing my oldest daughter dance, she is getting so big :( Unfortunately Ruby would not let me stay to watch much but I got to see Piper - thank goodness too (you will understand that after seeing the video). I gave pretty strict instructions (yes instructions) not to try anything fancy with the camera b/c it would look bad and this was important to me to have as a memory for our family. Well, hubs panned out (huh, what happened to instructions?) and then when he tightened back up again it was on the wrong little girl. Sooo, we now have 10+ seconds of Lilly, a little brunette from Piper's class, dancing instead of our daughter - if he would have just listened to me for once *shaking head*. Matt is available to video tape all of your special functions but beware that instead of the birthday girl he might tape the drunk uncle :)


See those 7's?

>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

The first 7 will take on a very important roll this weekend. Starting Sunday the girls will not be allowed out of their rooms until 7 am *fingers crossed* that this will work for us :) During the week it isn't too bad but come on, it is nice to sleep in once in awhile right? We bought them this fabulous princess clock as a total bribe - it even has little stars that light up on the ceiling at night. I have a good feeling about this - optimism and tons of positive thinking going on here.

Megan came over for her weekly supper night with our family. She only has 3 more and she is moving back to Ohio - the girls are going to totally miss her :( We will too Meg!


"I want to hold the baby"

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

Suddenly, both girls have taken an interest in Ruby. Actually I think that Piper has taken an interest in holding the baby so Violet wants to do the same. Again they both want what the other has but they are really gentle with her and it makes me happy to know that they like her. So often I hear of siblings not liking the new baby that comes into the house and not wanting anything to do with babe. I know that I have posted a lot lately about our girls being so naughty but they are very sweet just as often - 50/50 isn't bad for a 2 & 3 year old right?

Here is a picture of the girls and I from yesterday (Pica decided she wanted in the shot too) - baby weight still hanging in there but I have hope. Yesterday I bought myself something, Shred. Check back in a month which is probably when I will get around to posting another picture - I am so slack. You aren't allowed to totally diet when breastfeeding but I would be happy with 5 less pounds of me in 30 days :) Wish me luck!


Weekly Winners - The Piper Edition

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is my first time participating in Weekly Winners and I am so out of my league. I hope to see improvement as time goes on though :)

Since this is all Piper I thought I would add some lyrics. The song that came to mind was actually a Doodlebops song, we don't watch them anymore but they were a favorite here for quite some time - I chose parts that went with Piper's mood at that moment.
A face can show you how you feel
Check it out now you know its real
Show me what your face can do
Let me see how it looks on you
Come on!

A happy face is fun to see
Especially when it smiles at me

Can you make a silly face?

Glad face, sad face
Make a bumpy grumpy mad face

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Come on, smile for the camera!

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

I totally forgot to mention this week that Ruby smiled for the first time. How could I forget this accomplishment? I can not get her to do it with a big camera in front of my face so it will be quite some time I believe before her cute little gums show up on our blog. Since I realized that I was being totally slack in the picture department with our Ruby I have gone nuts with the camera :) I love when we just stare at each other and cuddle but there is nothing like a sleeping babe - how else would I be blogging?



>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Violet has the puzzle that I want"
"PIPER, I want that"
"Girls, if you don't learn to share I will throw that away" - hey it works!
This went on and on until...
"That is enough, outside both of you and play on the deck"
Yes they have fought today but they have also been having a great time together. Oh sisters, I remember the love/dislike relationship well. Just think in another 2 years what life here will be like (almost 6, 4, and 2), send me my straight jacket now. Anyway, I was going to give them bubbles to play with this morning when I threw them outside (not literally this time) but they decided that blowing at each other (and some spitting) was WAY more fun so I never even got the bubbles out.

Soooo, guess how long baby Ruby slept last night? Almost 5 hours! Unfortunately I didn't sleep that long b/c I was waking up whenever she wrestles around but I now have hope that I will actually have a babe that *might* sleep through the night before a year old (ok now I have probably jinxed myself). Since I haven't posted a picture of baby Ruby in quite some time here is our chubby little one - who btw yesterday weighed in at 13.5 lbs when I stood on the scale with her. Check out her double chin and layer after layer of rolls!! Now why can't I love rolls as much on my body as hers?


Wordless Wednesday - Tinkerbell & The Princesses

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How lucky was I to find the girls the EXACT flip flops that they wanted this year IN THEIR CORRECT SIZE - woo hoo!

More WW over at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Oh, to be 2 years old

>> Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It must be rough right? Violet is so much more independent than Piper was at this age. She wants to dress herself, go potty by herself, dress her babe, put on her shoes - I could go on and on! If Piper was having problems getting something to work right for her she would come to Matt or I and ask for help, not our Violet though, Miss Independent will try to do something once and then SCREAM and SCREAM b/c she is not able to. I will call to her and tell her to come to me and she will SCREAM "NO!" and continue to SCREAM until I finally go to her and try to help her. I say try b/c she still wants to do it herself so I have to *try* and make it sound like she is doing it herself with me just there to help. This whole screaming thing is really new to me b/c our Piper didn't do it - it is taking some getting used to. Oh, before becoming a mother I would wonder how families could let their kids act like that now I am at a loss what to do about it so we are one of *those* families :) "Um, hello is this Super Nanny? Please come to The Zoo - we need you!" Well, it isn't quite that bad yet but we do need to nip this b/c all this screaming is making me CRAZY(er)!


Violet's New Ride

>> Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you see how much she loves it? We stopped by a kid's consignment shop and it was sitting out front so we got it b/c she is forever fighting for Piper's big girl bike but when she had her own she isn't so sure about it quite yet :)

Last week I caught our girls being nice to each other. I literally have to sprint to get the camera and when I get back normally the moment has passed but this time I actually caught it. The 2nd one I told them to hug - that doesn't normally happen by itself :)

No Mother's Day photos but we sure did enjoy our time together as a family :)


Our family

>> Saturday, May 9, 2009

minus Ruby, but she is in my tummy :) I am not sure that I have ever posted a shot of the whole clan and I was going through some pictures on my computer and figured why not. These were taken by Dorian Eve Photography last year.


Wordless Wednesday - Before the bath

>> Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Showing the love before they got in - unfortunately baths usually end in tears around here lately.

More WW over at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Big Sisters

>> Friday, May 1, 2009

The girls are still trying to figure out where they stand with a new little sister in the house. It seems that Ruby is always attached to my boob lately and the girls are getting bored. I try to figure out things for them to do but they quickly get tired of coloring w/o mama near them to compliment or draw with them. Games and harder puzzles are out of the question b/c I am not there to help them out and if they do take a puzzle out I find that I have to repeatedly tell them to pick up the pieces and put it away. Maybe it is all 2 & 3 year olds that are doing this but it seems magnified to me now that Ruby has come. I am yelling more and really don't want to be this kind of parent - what to do, what to do? I know you might ask "Jessie, how on earth can you yell at these 2 cuties?" Well, spend a day with us :)

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