>> Friday, August 31, 2012

I wonder when I am going to have an original thought to write a real post on this blog? Ha, not today! As I was looking to see what I hadn't posted yet (the list is long) I realized that there is a lot of water pics here. Since I have no imagination at the time I simply titled this post "Water". I can't really call these Project 366 anymore because nothing is numbered and it is all jumbled on my Flickr. I have no idea what date is what anymore. And with this post concludes July...

Quick clean water rinse after swimming in the lake
We spent so much time in the lake this year! Sometimes a little rinse gets you through until the next day when we do it all over again.

And here comes the hail!
This was July 25th and we had hail! Big hail!

Bathing beauties
What a life right?

Another tooth!  Up to 6!
She's not going to have any left at this rate :)

Hose is much cooler than the lake today!
They make me laugh. A lot!

Watching the Olympics with the (obviously cold) littles
We had the Olympics on almost everyday. Missy Franklin became a household name over here. I even let them watch Beach Volleyball at night! We love Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh!

Sleeping Princess :)
Such an angel when she's sleeping :)

Lessons for the babe!
Lessons after she almost drown.

Boutonnière for @matthewdlucas from Rubarb :)
Rubarb picked her Daddy a boutonniere. Love!

Girls Night!
Hello Girls Night Out!

2 little girls that need to go to bed!
Snuggles. My favorite!

Ruby just woke up so that is it for today :)


As summer break is coming to a close...

>> Saturday, August 25, 2012

I thought I might try and finish off my dailies from July :) Actually I was told by a friend she was sick of seeing pics of Daytona when she comes to my blog :) Can you say slacker?

How many kids can you put in a baby's sandbox?
How many little girls can you fit in a sandbox?

The oldest girls. Both are the best big sisters around!

6 pack 2012 (1 of 1)
The 6 pack from the visit with our Ohio family.

Someone said Bye Bye Bye to these
Who would say "Bye Bye Bye" to the 'N Sync boys? These cracked me up when I saw them at Goodwill and immediately thought of Hanna and her love for the boys :)

Ruby's Beauty Shop
It's Ruby's world to do with what she wants and we just live in it.

Pet skunk for the zoo?
A pet skunk. For real! Not ours though :)

From my friends boy :)
From the Ryder man! Sweet boy <3

Call Me Maybe
My The girls favorite song at the moment.

Big girl dangle earrings
Big girl dangly earrings. They thought they were so cool.

Girl won't get burned this year with this suit :)
Hoola hoops have been HUGE here this summer. I even learned how to do it again! See you CAN teach old dogs new tricks :)

It's #NationalHotdogDay!
Rounding out this post today with some food.

My version of the #chicagodog
Specifically hotdogs. I love a good Chicago dog. This was my version


Project 366 - Daytona

>> Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not all of these are from Daytona but most. We have been going the past few years over the 4th and it has been pretty fun for everyone. Daddy works and Mama and the girls play. That's fair right?


We found this Bitty Baby at Goodwill in Wisconsin. Why yes I visit Goodwill when I am in different states just to see the goodies they might have. "Lucy" was under $2. Probably because one of her eyes stays shut most of the time (our other 2nd loved baby, "Lily", is missing her big toe). We love her and now have triplets. Of course with different hair color :)

Trying to stay cool. Keyword *trying*

We were welcomed back to NC by 100+ degree weather. Yay! << that's sarcasm

Later that evening. Piper was running a fun foot race in a friend's backyard and tripped. Probably over the two left feet she inherited from her mama.

We should have named her Grace :)

Thank goodness for water casts because Daytona here we come!

A mater sandwich sandwich. Lunch at the zoo :)
Missing this plant. It still looks good but it is in a pot and quit producing. My favorite tomato plant yet!

Road trippin with the fam @matthewdlucas Fun times right?

Road Trip!


I think everyone in the van was happy to see this familiar sign :)

daytona fireworks (1 of 1)

We arrived to Daytona on July 4th. We met some friends for supper then headed back to the hotel to watch fireworks. This trip we stayed at the Hilton next to the boardwalk. This shot isn't to show you how awesome I am at photographing fireworks but to show how awesome the fireworks looked from our room! We ate Twizzlers and chips and watched from our balcony. Perfect!

Drip castles

The girls and I spent mornings on the beach, went back to the room for lunch, and then swam in the pool all afternoon. Rough.

Out front of North Turn.

Matt has been coming here so long he knows good places to eat. If that place is busy we just go to another. Racing's North Turn wasn't our first choice but I am so glad we ended up there! There was an awesome band playing and we had an incredible view of the ocean all the while I enjoyed an iced cold Fat Tire and oysters. Perfection. Until the noseeums came and drove us away. It was alright though because we had a long day and Daddy had a REALLY long day coming up Friday.

Happy screams. This is what it's all about!

Now comes some family time!



We entered a sand castle contest while we were there. Why not right? So we made Violet and Piper into mermaids but one of the judges said that they wouldn't win. Why? "While the children are cute this is about the purity of the sand" What? It's all good. We made a sun. And lost :)

Ready, set...
There were 2 pools at the hotel. The one that served drinks and the one that didn't. Guess which one was basically our private pool?

Dinner. YUM
Another delicious meal out. Who am I kidding. ANY meal is delicious if I don't have to cook, serve, and clean it up!

Life is like a box of chocolates :)

We never leave early on our last day. Drives my husband crazy because we roll back home at like midnight but I want to enjoy every last moment we can. Especially when we are having such a great time! So we woke up Sunday and swam in the pool. Came back to the room and showered. Thank you Hilton for your generous late check outs! A trip to Daytona isn't complete without going to Bubba Gump.

FL wore them out!

Before we were out of Daytona! Think they had fun? We all had so much fun and can't wait until next year!


Project 366 - Wisconsin

>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

I am going to have to forgo on my dailies because I am just too far behind and don't label things correctly. I will lump the remainder of the summer by the activities we did and go from there.

Girls and I decided to make a long overdue trip back home to Wisconsin. We packed out stuff, hitched a ride, and off we went!

Wheels up!


Girls were awesome in the plane. I packed all sorts of electronic devices but they slept and looked out the windows most of the time. Good little travelers.

We passed the first stop and go light and Violet asked why they weren't hanging from strings above the intersection. That must have been why I ran so many red lights when I first moved to NC :)

Splish Splash

A friend of mine got married and they had this awesome pool at the hotel where the reception was. We brought suits and snuck out for some fun swimming time. There was so much chlorine in the pool it hurt my eyes and I was sitting NEXT to the pool :)

WI crew

Lots of fun times with the cousins! I didn't want to plan too many activities I just wanted to hang with the family. We ended up doing a few things but most of the time we were just playing. It was good for my girls to reconnect with the cousins they rarely see.

Untitled Untitled

Visited the locks by where I grew up. Took the girls on the Friendship Trail they built across the water. Played at the park and then ate at Knot's Landing. Why yes, my trip had a bucket list of restaurants to visit.


Had to make a stop at the Pig.

and the FOOD!!

Mihms. Brings back many memories.

Mihm's - oh my yummy greasy goodness!

Manderfields Turtle Donut. This should be illegal!

and Manderfield's!

More cousins and some firsts.


First time for these littles on a roller coaster. We hit Bay Beach and had a few really sad girlies because they didn't make the height requirement.


But it was the Rhubster's first time on the Scrambler! She was hooked!


Our group taking a break on the train. You have to ride the train at Bay Beach!


^^^Those are my kids^^^.
Only 2 of them rode all the way home in the Jeep but the little one got a few laps around my sister's circle. They still talk about Danielle driving them around with the top down. Memories were made this entire trip! My belly is full. It was a great visit with the family and we hope to go back sooner than 3 years next time.


A plane ride home and life was back to normal. Next time I'm driving. Just saying United!

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