>> Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sundays are supposed to be days for relaxing but we seldom do. This morning we all woke up and sat at the kitchen table hanging out when Piper decided, after looking at a Michael's ad, that she wanted to make a birdhouse with her Daddy. I am not sure the next time that he will actually have time like that but I kept the idea in the back of my head. Realizing that it was also Target's 90% off Easter stuff day I quickly headed out the door to see what was left :) I ended up with a few baskets for the girls, a few stuffed rabbits, a spy kit (for Daddy and P to play with), and a BUNNY HOUSE KIT!

After I got home from the Super Target we headed to a friend's house to look at a canoe that we have thought about buying. The girls had fun playing with Sue and her mama in their home and backyard. It was really cold and yucky here today but my kids don't care so much and it tired them out for their afternoon with Daddy - right.

This afternoon I went shopping without children- yikes! Daddy was home with the girls and, not his fault, neither really took that good nap I had hoped for. They are sleeping now and have been for almost an hour and my husband is probably doing the same in the living room :)

Here are some photos of tonight before getting them ready for bed - it looks like they are already in their pj's b/c they were wearing them when I got home from shopping but we changed them into clean ones. Remember, Daddy's just do things different :)

Fun with the balloons - not so fun when they pop or get taken away. Both instances happened and neither girl was happy with the results.

The Bunny House - who needs a bird house right?

The finished product - btw, this was not consumed but rather thrown away after the children went to bed - YUCK but very fun to construct :)


Another year

>> Thursday, March 27, 2008

in the books - today for my 37th birthday I went and got all my hair cut off (well not ALL but ALOT!!),

had a doctor's appointment, and ended the day nicely having a date with my husband. He took me to Carrabas and then walking around a little shopping area. The girls really like Emily who we have sit for us and I do too so it puts my mind at ease. I felt a lot of love today from friends and family - thank you all for your well wishes and birthday songs.


Wordless Wednesday - Violet

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We went to the zoo again today and whew mama is tired out, now to get those girls who slept the whole way home tired too so we can all go to bed. Out of all the photos taken today this one cracks me up so it is officially my WW this week.

To see more of the WW fun get on over to 5 Minutes for Mom. Now, off to bed :)


Girls just wanna have fun

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

Yep that was us outside having fun together as a family. My husband so kindly reminding me that the new play set is actually only supposed to be for kids up to 10 years old - thanks babe but some 10 year olds might be 5'9" and weigh 1## too you know? Not the best shot but I still love it b/c it is my Piper and I together, we seldom get to spend time just her and I but Daddy was playing with Violet so I was free to hang with my oldest. I wanted to go and get pedicures for us on Wednesday evening but I don't think that I will be able to find the time now b/c our week is CRAZY!! Look for a trip to the zoo, a new do, and my darling husband is taking me out for a date on Thursday to celebrate my birthday - I am getting old *shaking head*. We'll see about that pedicure b/c my old feet need some pampering :)

Check out everyone else's BSM and join in the fun!


Happy Easter

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a wonderful morning, we "hid" the baskets for the girls and they had to try and find them. Violet's was in her chair and Piper's in the play kitchen so it wasn't THAT hard but I think that they had fun doing it. I put a picture of each girl in their basket so they knew which was which. Both are quite pleased with their stash from the Bunny, Violet got a Rhinoceros and Piper a Giraffe for our field trip to the zoo on Tuesday. We also got a Neighborhood Bingo game that my friend Leslie recommended. Grandma and Grandpa sent each girl a special little metal bucket that they have been toting around, they crack me up.

Spring is here and not a minute too soon! I know that it is somewhat mild in the Southeast but I don't like winter period. Back home in the great northern state of WI they are still getting a ton of snow. When I call home I hear stories of blizzards and 3 feet of snow in yards - wow good thing I am not there! Anyway, I finally talked Matt into letting me get someone over here to assemble the swing set we got for the girls so that he didn't spend his only weekend off this spring putting it together and instead he would be able to enjoy it with his family. Why oh why are people so flakey? So undependable? After standing me up 2 times I was ready to give up but then they showed up. Matt made a schematic to scale and they still put it in the wrong spot - thank goodness he was here to see the error! I still don't think that they did everything right so next weekend, you know the weekend he was supposed to enjoy the set with the family, he will most likely be fixing the mistakes that they made. Ugh, why does my family have such cruddy luck with contractors!!! Enough complaining, had to get it off my chest though :) The girls love, love, love playing out there!

Look at Piper's big girl unders sticking out - way to go Piper!!

Happy Easter!!!


Quick update

>> Thursday, March 20, 2008

on our BIG GIRL - woo hoo Piper! Last Wednesday I decided it was time and our girl is doing so much better with potty training than I ever imagined that she would. We have not had any sort of accident in 2 days now and that included a date with her Daddy last night to their gym class and running around with me the past few days. Maybe she was finally ready or maybe I was finally ready to commit - either way yippee no more washing 2 kiddos diapers!


Time to get serious

>> Monday, March 17, 2008

with potty training that is. Last week Wednesday I was tired of washing diapers for 2 babes and had Piper sit on the potty - finally she went! We had a few accidents over the next few days but I am so proud of my big girl! Yesterday we might have blown it though b/c we took the girls to an Easter egg hunt at the park and Daddy insisted on a diaper so I wasn't as good asking her if she needed to go AND with her having a diaper on she *knew* she was safe going in it. SO today we are hitting it again, I think that moral of the story is just leave them in panties! I downloaded a pattern for some girlie briefs/boxers so I am going to try and make Piper some little undies b/c I am getting tired of seeing her butt cheek in the ones we have :) Wish us luck!

Now about the Easter egg hunt yesterday - it was CHAOS! There were 2 areas, the 0-3's and the 4-6 year olds. Seriously parents is 1 tiny piece of candy that important to you that you knock over a mama who is trying to help her 1 year old pick up an egg? That would have been me and Violet. I knelt over to show V how to pick up an egg and the crazy adults ran me over and I ended up muddy. The park did a great job with all the fun balloon makers and the rides though and both girls had fun seeing a camel up close and all the goats with their babies. It was a beautiful day and the family overall had fun. Piper ended up with 4 eggs b/c Matt gave up trying to fight the parents and V ended up with the 1. Nuts I tell you! Here are a few shots from the day, remember real men wear bunny ears!


Happy St. Patty's Day



>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This past weekend the girls and I joined their Daddy in Atlanta for some zoo and aquarium fun - and that we had! Piper just loves the animals at the zoo so much, heck any animal for that matter b/c she loves the goats, horses, and cows down the road from us too. She actually says hello and good bye to them sometimes when we pass by - she cracks me up! Friday at the zoo was nice but it was a cold, cold, cold Saturday walking around but we braved it all for the Panda bears (Piper's new favorite animal). The past few weeks we have been getting ready for our trip by going on Zoo Atlanta's website where they have a panda cam and also the San Diego Zoo's panda, elephant, ape, and polar bear cams. Recently we discovered the Shamu cam which is also a favorite now. The Georgia Aquarium is very nice but is so crowded that next year when we make the trip I think we may just skip it - it is pretty pricey to get in and honestly the kids had just as good a time the day before in the freezing cold at the zoo!

Just a few shots so no one gets bored of my picture taking, most of the photos are of Piper b/c once again the babe was on my back - not many photos of baby Violet but she had a nicer ride than Piper:)


A beautiful weekend

>> Monday, March 3, 2008

On Saturday the girls and I went over to play with some friends b/c the weather was gorgeous! Piper got to play with her first t-ball set and baby V got to run around like a crazy kid kicking the balls in the backyard. The lighting was weird and the photos didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but for me that happens all the time. I did manage to get a good one of baby Cole that is a keeper - and my Best Shot Monday. There is a reflection theme this week, before even knowing that I looked into his eyes to see what I saw and it ended up being his feet in the Bumbo he was sitting in :)

What is your Best Shot Monday? Don't have one? Well get out there and take some pictures then!

After a long 2 weeks of Matt being gone minus a few we got him home and now our schedule will ease up a bit (hopefully!). Sunday morning Piper and I went and bought her her very own t-ball set b/c she couldn't stop talking about it. Thankfully it comes with 2 balls b/c Violet wanted to get in on the action too :) The weather couldn't have been better for a day outside! After their naps my wonderful sweet husband brought me to my favorite thrift store so that I could browse with just Violet on my back in our Freehand and he took Piper to wander around - we actually found some good stuff, now what to do with it!

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