My week on Instagram 8.23.15

>> Monday, August 31, 2015

Instagram is my preferred social media for sure! I love looking at everyones photos without all the junk :) So here is my week!

This one isn't actually from this week but we got season passes again to Carowinds and guess who was tall enough to ride the big rides? Our middle daughter was thrilled to be able to ride the Nighthawk, Intimidator, and The Fury 325! I took this crew by myself so I broke my rule of riding those rides the first time with them and let her go with the gang. Ruby can't take care of herself!
First time on #intimidator #happygirl #carowinds #rollercoaster #finallytallenough
Violet had "The Best Day Ever!"
Fun day picking apples. #getinmybelly #skytoporchard #honeycrisp #yum #thelucaszoo
We also had a fun filled day of picking apples at Skytop Orchard.
Apple picking 2015
It has become a yearly event with our good friends, the Sutherland family. This year we went without dads due to scheduling which meant...
Bridges 2015
More BBQ from Bridges for the mamas - yes we fed the kiddos too :)
Now don't be too jelly of who I hung with today �� #nascar #cardboard #antiquemall
I happened to find some old school Nascar drivers while I was walking around a local antique mall. You never know who you will run into in Mooresville! Yep, sometimes this is what mama does while the kids are in school :)
Now that I am in a certain older age bracket some of the things I enjoyed as a child is now considered "antique". When did I become antique? My great-grandmother had this set of tv tables and I ate my after school snack on them every day while watching Clubhouse Powwww. I just googled it and apparently it was only on for a year. My sister Jenny got on the show and was able to play the game with Barney the weird little cartoon host. Funny how some things stick in your head like that though.
All before 9am. Last 7 were tough for me. Struggling with nutrition and it killed my pace. Now to eat!  #runger #INKnBURN #inknburnambassador #marathontraining #mrtt #motherrunner #runhappy #run #runforgreen
I am training for another marathon. I always thought Chicago would be one and done but I felt like I didn't do as well as I could have. SO, I am running the Peaks to Creek marathon on October 24 of this year. It is a hilly course so I am preparing by running through the hilliest area near me. Davidson.
How about that? This time around I am doing a run/walk interval and although I see my times as slow I have to remember that it isn't a flat surface and it has been a brutally hot and humid summer here in NC. I am very thankful for these 2 lovely ladies who join me in our weekly 2+ hours of torture at an insanely early time on Sunday mornings.


First Day of School 2015-16

>> Friday, August 28, 2015

How the heck are we already beginning the 2015 school year?  Well my last post it was 2013 so I ask where oh where has the time gone?

So what has happened from May 2013 until August 2015?  WAY too much to every post about but I am hoping to blog a little bit more now and then.  Life passes you by and I really love my blog to look back and relive those memories.

Piper 1st day (1 of 1)
Piper is starting 5th grade.  Such an awesome girl.  We are very blessed however she is starting to get that tween sassiness that I know will come full fledged in just a few years.  She tries to boss her sisters around but mostly has no luck.  If I hear it escalating it usually ends up with her cleaning bathrooms or vacuuming stairs.  This girl though is such a special person.  She is giving, sweet, and just a fun kid to be around. 

Violet 1st day (1 of 1)
Violet starts 3rd grade this year.  What?  EOG's?  REAL grades?  Mama isn't ready for this yet but Violet sure is!  Boy has this daughter of ours blossomed in school.  She is a really awesome student and often times gets asked by her teachers to help them with odd jobs.  This year Violet decided to go retro and have her hair cut in the style she did back when she was 4 and donated her hair to Locks of Love.  I think she looks amazing!!

Ruby 1st day (1 of 1)
Ruby Su.  Oh.My.Heart  Ruby is starting 1st grade and never even looked back when she hopped in the car.  This will only last a few months though because baby girl tires of school and it is a REAL struggle to get her out of the car and through the doors in the morning.  Once there she is fine but holy hell the morning I have getting her to that point!  I may have resorted to buying Dum Dums and bribing.  Not proud but you gotta do what you gotta do!

I miss these girlies when they are gone.  Monday I ate my breakfast and it WAS STILL HOT!  I picked up the living room and it stayed clean ALL DAY!  What?  Not to mention the fact that I took a shower and wasn't asked "Can I take a shower with you Mama?".  But I missed them so much.  Then they came home and 5 minutes later when the fighting began knew that school is a good thing.  I just wish it wasn't so many days.

Good luck to you all on your 1st days and the 2015-16 school years!


*tap* *tap*

>> Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let me try this again.

tap tap tap 

Photo on 5-30-13 at 6.22 PM #8 

Today marks a little over 3 months since my last post. I don't think about the old blog much anymore sadly. I look at it, try to think of something to say, and then walk away. Right at this moment we are all just super excited that next week school will get out and then we will be on vacation for summer! Yay! I have some really excited kiddos let me tell you that. They are done with school. 

 Done! Done! Done! <<< that's a lot of done going on over here! 

 Maybe the mama is the most done of the kids. I certainly won't be receiving the "Best Mom" award - at least from the school. Piper learned how to do Powerpoint this year and had a whole presentation. I missed it. It was ON A MONDAY at 7:40 am (really, no lie) and I just forgot. She did it for me using a print out when she got home and told me she understood. Bless my Piper. Then a week later after becoming full on annoyed with our substitute for not sending home information about when the 2nd grade play was to take place my daughter told me "It's in the newsletter mama". Hmmm...maybe I should have read one of those in May huh? 

As the "Best Mom" award winner you can also see I still didn't break out the big camera. Nah, why not document one of her production with an iPhone. Did I mention we're done? She did great though, I got her there on time, she sang loud, and did all the moves. Yay Piper!  

 Now, what is new around here?

Went for dog food ended up adopting a pig. #thelucaszoo
That is Daisy. We got her last week after going to the pet store to buy food. Right there in front were 2 pigs in cages with a sign that they were up for adoption. The owner was allergic to them and had to give them up. There was a small fee but we got everything included so it wasn't horrible. Daisy is really cute and squeaks when you pet her. She resides in Piperoni's room so Violet started sleeping in there with her so she gets to be by the pig too. Kids.

1st lesson @matthewdlucas #giddyup
Violet kept her room clean for a whole month! Baby steps here.  Mostly she succeeded because she was sleeping with us and now sleeps in Piper's room but she did it and got her reward.

4 lessons at a horse farm. Want to hear something crazy? 10 years ago hubs and I looked at that property to buy but it was just land then. We could have had a horse farm but instead we just keep taking in animals here at our own little zoo.

Perfect day for the outdoor cage #parrot #lovethisweather
Have I ever blogged about Gigi our Quaker parrot? We got her last year and I have to say she is such a beautiful pet. I had researched them but when they are with you it is a whole different ballgame. For instance, she used to like me :) When we got her she would hang out on me. I opened her cage each morning and we would "talk". Cleaning her cage was a breeze because she would either sit on my shoulder or walk around on the ground. Then something happened. What? I have no clue! Now, she hates me! She wants no part of me and tries to bite me when I clean her cage. I keep trying though because I do love having her live here. If you are a parrot whisperer please contact me because I need you!

Now I am off to enjoy the spring that is finally here! Cold weather hung around and then it got H.O.T! Not complaining because I love it!


 I would also like to say "You're welcome!" to all my local peeps. A few weeks ago I visited our local Goodwill and there were 4 snow sleds there that I decided to buy. Most likely this will mean no snow in Motown until my kids graduate high school.  I am quite positive they will find some sort of alternative activity to use them in the summer though.  Got to love their imaginations.

Until we meet again...


Is that snow on the ground?

>> Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't laugh. It snowed here on Saturday night. I am guessing that a lot of it melted at our house right away. I have seen some Facebook pics that friends had a lot more than us. I am not sure we would have gotten a snowman made without it being pretty hairy with all the grass sticking up. Fam was down in the big city watching Yo Gabba Gabba Live when it happened - such a fun time by the way! At intermission I brought the girls to the window to show them the white stuff outside and they wanted to come home and play. Mama was too LAZY It was too late when we finally got home to go then but in true kid fashion they got up at 6:30 the next morning and started begging right off. Finally around 7 I couldn't take it anymore and threw them out. Yep, still in their pj's but without gloves or hats they were off to touch snow. Younger two lasted about 30 minutes but Piper stayed out over an hour playing with the dogs.

2.17.13 (1 of 1)
Then later that morning it melted. God bless Charlotte NC. My kids saw snow but I didn't have to shovel. Perfection.


It has been so long...

>> Saturday, February 9, 2013

I don't even know how to use the *new* Blogger to write a post!

I haven't picked up my camera in an eternity. I couldn't find my 50mm for about 5 minutes.

2.9.13 (1 of 1)
Then I had to locate the usb to put the pictures I had just snapped on my computer.

2.9.13 (1 of 1)

Then I had to remember how to open Photoshop.

2.9.13 - 2 (1 of 1)
I am rusty.


August or bust!!!

>> Monday, September 3, 2012

I will post pics from August before October. I will post pics from August before October. I will...

Bunny ears :)
I have enjoyed this summer so much. The girls and I spent almost every minute together and I loved it (until they fought of course which is inevitable spending every minute together). We were able to do so many things I wouldn't have tackled last year when Ruby was 2. Amazing what a year will do for you.

New sneaks. So bright and pretty :)

Unfortunate hubs turned me on to these. Makes those miles I run moot.

Cook Out!
We have a restaurant called Cook Out. Cheap, good, and outdoor dining. Reminds me of the old Dave's Burger Shanty in Menasha :)

Princess P - for peace!
Princess Peace.

A thank you for supper from the littles.
They pick all of my flowers outside but how can I not let them when they say things like "Thank you for making us supper mama". Just a note - I always feed them so they aren't actually thanking me for the food they are just being sweet :)

She flatters me :)
Piperoni "tattooed" her wrist. She flatters me :)

My lap is a pillow to a dog and kid tonight.
Typical night. Ruby sleeps on my lap but this night was joined by Pica. Not minding one bit!

Watching my own synchronized swimmers.  #PCISPY
Synchronized swimming thanks to hours of watching the Olympics.

Ready for round 2 after lunch :)
My squeezable little babe. Love her!

Running a 1/2 marathon in October. This was my first longer run. I am not breaking any speed records but hey I am an old woman!


On a roll

>> Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alright here it goes...

Love when Kohls sends me $10 to spend on whatever I want!
Do you get those $10 gift cards from Kohls? I don't shop there (because well, I shop at Goodwill) and they still send me them every so often. I use them mostly to buy jewelry for me and the girls. Thank you Kohls :)

Deck plant. Violet picked it out. I am trying to figure out how to keep this beauty alive this winter so we can enjoy it again next year. Am I the only one that doesn't like to buy annuals?

From the garden to my plate. I love summer!
Afternoon snack. Those cherry tomatoes are still going crazy! I love summer produce especially when it is from my garden and free - well basically free :)

A Pearl Necklace. Interesting.
I got a variety pack of Flying Dog and this was in it. Needless to say the other 2 bottles are still in my fridge. I think I might try and cook with it because I can't bear to drink it again. Ewww...

Pogo stick from her birthday. She's improving. Still chooses biking over anything though.

Set... #olympics
On your marks...

So pretty!
I won these pretties. Gorgeous crocheted shoes. Love!

Salted Caramel No Bakes - YUM!
Salted caramel no bakes - yum!

Ruffly sweetness from Cornelius GW @goodwillsp
Someone already donated this cuteness and we were at Goodwill at the perfect time to scoop it up!

So there won't be sweetness overload I will end with that :)

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