>> Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This past weekend the girls and I joined their Daddy in Atlanta for some zoo and aquarium fun - and that we had! Piper just loves the animals at the zoo so much, heck any animal for that matter b/c she loves the goats, horses, and cows down the road from us too. She actually says hello and good bye to them sometimes when we pass by - she cracks me up! Friday at the zoo was nice but it was a cold, cold, cold Saturday walking around but we braved it all for the Panda bears (Piper's new favorite animal). The past few weeks we have been getting ready for our trip by going on Zoo Atlanta's website where they have a panda cam and also the San Diego Zoo's panda, elephant, ape, and polar bear cams. Recently we discovered the Shamu cam which is also a favorite now. The Georgia Aquarium is very nice but is so crowded that next year when we make the trip I think we may just skip it - it is pretty pricey to get in and honestly the kids had just as good a time the day before in the freezing cold at the zoo!

Just a few shots so no one gets bored of my picture taking, most of the photos are of Piper b/c once again the babe was on my back - not many photos of baby Violet but she had a nicer ride than Piper:)


Andrea Tuesday, March 11, 2008  

Awww...I love the zoo. I can't wait to take Tate to a zoo - but it'll probably be a while since there's none nearby our place. Oh well. By the way - you should be able to read my blog now...I think the problem with the background is fixed! yay!

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