>> Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yes this is going to be an entire post on a huge obsession of mine, wool for my babes. It started when I read that wool worked great over fitted diapers, well once I saw all the cute stuff out there I was hooked. There was a time when I thought that a cute pair of knitted wool longies/shorties/capris/soaker were rather ugly looking, how is it that now I love them and my girls are wearing them constantly? Here is my favorite pair to date, it is knitted by Maggie of Burgh Baby Gear and the yarn was dyed by Selah. These capris are GORGEOUS!

Now that wool is all I think about for my daughters I wonder what size will they be in the fall, what inseam should I order for their longies this winter? You have to order now or everyone will be ordering and we won't get a spot. My main goal in August (Midnight on August 1st to be exact) is to try and score a pair of Crankypants so that dd2 has a pair of them for the winter months. Love them little monsters! I have tried so many times to teach myself to knit but it just isn't working out for me. I can knit a scarf and it isn't very pretty. Anyway, there is my current love. What will it be next month, who knows.


Happy Father's Day

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day to all of the Daddies out there. Thank you for teaching our babes all the fun things that boys know how to do. To my husband, thank you for helping me with the laundry, changing diapers, giving baths, and playing with the girls to give me some time to myself. You're the best baby!

My girlfriend Leslie and I got together to make Matt's present from the girls. I think that they turned out really great, if anyone reading this wants to copy the idea - PLEASE DO IT! We did this last year with dd1 but this year kept the first picture from her 1st Father's Day and this year added the last 4. Next year we will add 3 and eventually it will be the first 5 Father's Day, neato idea huh?

Piper Violet

DD2 was still in my belly last year, she was a little bit more of a willing subject and posed easier than her sister for the photos. Again I can't accept any credit for this project because it was all Leslie's idea!

We also had a nice surpise this weekend having Matt's niece Megan and her friend Emily come and stay with us. They came down for a few job fairs in the area that the schools were having. Piper made fast friends with both of them and had a blast playing with the new girls in the house.

I hope that everyone (or anyone for that matter) that is reading this enjoyed their weekend and celebrated the Fathers in their lives.


Our Family Bed

>> Saturday, June 2, 2007

You want to get raised eyebrows or a disapproving "Ahh" tell people that you have a family bed. Heck, mention that we don't only have a family bed but we also have dogs in there with the 4 of us and you will be sure to almost get a head shake. Before our 2nd baby was born we ordered an Arms Reach Universal Co-Sleeper because there was already 3 of us in our king-sized bed and we were worried about adding a newborn. It is now 5 months later and our little one rolls all over the co-sleeper waking her up. To get some sleep I bring her into our bed and sleep contorted until morning. Last week we went to Sweet Dreams Mattress and purchased a twin bed to put next to our king-sized bed to make a sort of bed island in our room. My husband is convinced that I am slowly working him out of our bed but that will be a whole other post. As far as sleeping goes, I was raised by my Great-Grandmother who co-slept with us before there was that fancy little name. It is what I know and now I know why she did it, I love having my girls close and if they wake up I can soothe them back to sleep and in the morning I love that my oldest rolls over and gives me a big kiss first thing. Although it is not ideal for every family we will continue co-sleeping until our girls (and dogs) decide that they want their own space.

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