A New Friend

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

When we asked Piper what she wanted this year for her birthday she very quickly told us a scooter and a Bolt dog - like from the movie. Before her birthday friends asked what to get for her so we told one of them a scooter (which she LOVES thanks Shawna!) and Matt went to the Disney Store and got her the Bolt dog. Last week as we were walking into Walmart she passed one of those claw machines and who was sitting perfectly inside staring out at her? Lilo - from Lilo & Stitch. This would be her ALL TIME FAVORITE movie and character. She named her baby doll that she got from her cousins at Christmas time Lilo. She begged me for that doll and I told her my standard "Sorry, we don't have any money" line but then she asked if she could have that as her present instead of the Bolt dog AND the scooter. What is a mama to do? That's right, everything she can to get her baby girl a Lilo doll :) Thank goodness for eBay b/c I was not even going to attempt that claw machine. Lilo arrived yesterday right under the wire, whew! So much for the Bolt dog :)


Wordless Wednesday - Flower Power

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My daughter loves everything girlie - here she is with her new flower head band, her favorite flower dress, and is standing by her favorite flowers in our garden at the moment. Today is a special day around here...

Happy 4th Birthday Piper

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Piper's Birthday Celebration

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

We celebrated Piper's 4th birthday this year at our town pool. I got this fabulous idea from a friend that had her son's birthday there last year and the kids had a BLAST so I thought why not. The result was 19 little kiddos swimming like crazy! I think I was the only parent there that was not swimming. SO.MUCH.FUN! I didn't get my camera out too much b/c I was having so much fun watching the kids and socializing with Ruby so I really only got cake pictures *blushing* and the only reason that I took them was that it was like 95 degrees out and the cake was melting :) Piper wanted a castle cake but I was afraid of transporting it for so many people so we made an Ariel "castle" cake and filled cupcakes. Everyone was on a sugar high :)

She saw this post and asked if I was going to make her another Ariel cake for her actual birthday on Wednesday. I was thinking of taking her to the mexican restaurant and having her wear the sombrero but I think she is too shy :)


It's Raining

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's Pouring
The old man is snoring

and our 2 year old sings this to us every time there is even a drop of rain. It is still warm here but we had some rain come in today. After naps I dragged the exersaucer outside and put the girls in suits and let them run around our driveway. They got bored of it before Ruby and I did :)

It is also no tv day at our house today so right now Piper is playing dress up and using her tool kit and Violet is playing with puzzles. Ah the silence is a beautiful thing :)


Evian Commercial

This is hilarious! My friend Beth sent it to me and I had to put it on here so that I can come back and see it again and again. The girls love it too!


Wordless Wednesday - Something Funny

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The focus is a little off on this but I just love the look on Ruby's face so much that I had to use it anyway. I wonder which face Violet was giving her b/c she has so many. Ruby LOVES when her sisters pay attention to her :)

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Baby Inventions

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is the amount of things out there to buy for baby not just totally crazy? A new parent's home is CRAMED with baby gear and how much of it do you really use? I remember registering for things when I was pregnant with Piper and I still look back and chuckle at some of it. When Violet came along I had already started to scale back b/c there is nothing that drives me more crazy than stepping over baby crap. All I can say now is poor Ruby. Bless her heart she has a borrowed little bounce seat (it doesn't bounce but it holds her in place for me to shower), a swing that is temperamental and only swings when it feels like it so often times she just lies in it motionless, and an exersaucer. We just started putting her in the exersaucer a few weeks ago and this week she is finally starting to get the fun of it. Thank goodness b/c with her rolling all over the place I have to have something to contain amuse her while I am trying to cook or clean. She loves it and out of everything that I had/have in my home this is probably, in my opinion, the best baby invention they have come up with to date :)


Boom Boom Pow!

>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not only is that the girls favorite song of the moment but it seemed fitting as a title for our 4th of July post. We actually went to Walmart today - I know we are NUTS! We needed water and I can only fit a case at a time when I go and it is tough with all 3 so Matt helped a mama out today and we went as a family. It really stunk but that is ok b/c we got to hang out all day together and we made the most of it. We put the girls down for a nap after grilling out some hotdogs b/c you have to grill on the 4th don't you? While they were sleeping Matt and I filled water balloons and I made their favorite oatmeal cookies. When they woke up we had to run 1 errand and then let them put their suits on to go swimming.

"Yes, water balloons!"

"I squirted myself in the eye - silly"

Quick break

and finally the girls and I - impossible to get everyone looking and I know this b/c this was the only decent shot out of the 40 my husband took :)

After playing we set off our driveway display of fireworks. Seriously, I thought it might be a little lame but I forgot how cool the smaller fireworks are for kids. They LOVED the snakes that grew and the smoke bombs that Matt made into "rainbows" were a total hit! Now they are sleeping after another long day of fun :) No sushi tonight but we are watching the race and listening to the war going on between our neighbors - who has the loudest and biggest fireworks :) If I had some more ambition and wasn't so worn out I would get out there and watch but I am ready to put 4th of July 2009 in the books and head to bed.


The 3rd of July (2009 edition)

I don't ever remember July 3rd being a holiday but I guess it is sometimes. Matt didn't have to work (yeah!) so we got the girls ready and headed to a little fountain near our house to play before it got too crowded and the bigger kids got there.

My Crew

Then after naps and dinner our local YMCA had a big family celebration last night ending with fireworks. I was grateful for the fact that Matt was able to join us b/c I am not sure the girls would have had as much fun b/c it was pretty hot and sunny so we set up a little 1/2 tent shade thing and Ruby and I spent most of our time lounging there while Matt took the girls around and got their faces painted and bounced in a bounce house. We also splurged on funnel cakes, kettle corn, and Piper's favorite deep fried oreos :) We know how to live :)

We did not get home from the festivities until 10:30 pm and the girls were up this morning bright and early at 6:45 soooo we will have our own little fireworks display in the driveway tonight. I might have to pick up a few more things though b/c I LOVE the 4th almost as much as I LOVE Halloween!


Gettin' her roll on

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

Everyday she gets better and quicker. Mind you she had been rolling across the sheet a few times before the light bulb went off in my head to get a video of it. I wasn't even dangling anything good in front of her to get her to come to it - she just wanted to be by her mama *beaming with pride*.


Wordless Wednesday - Ring of Fire

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seriously - don't buy cheap sparklers b/c they stink! Tomorrow I am making a sparkler run b/c the ones from Target are just not cutting it for me :)

A fellow blogger Andrea gave me the idea for this shot of Matt. Check out 5 Minutes for Mom for more Wordless Wednesday.

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