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>> Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not only is that the girls favorite song of the moment but it seemed fitting as a title for our 4th of July post. We actually went to Walmart today - I know we are NUTS! We needed water and I can only fit a case at a time when I go and it is tough with all 3 so Matt helped a mama out today and we went as a family. It really stunk but that is ok b/c we got to hang out all day together and we made the most of it. We put the girls down for a nap after grilling out some hotdogs b/c you have to grill on the 4th don't you? While they were sleeping Matt and I filled water balloons and I made their favorite oatmeal cookies. When they woke up we had to run 1 errand and then let them put their suits on to go swimming.

"Yes, water balloons!"

"I squirted myself in the eye - silly"

Quick break

and finally the girls and I - impossible to get everyone looking and I know this b/c this was the only decent shot out of the 40 my husband took :)

After playing we set off our driveway display of fireworks. Seriously, I thought it might be a little lame but I forgot how cool the smaller fireworks are for kids. They LOVED the snakes that grew and the smoke bombs that Matt made into "rainbows" were a total hit! Now they are sleeping after another long day of fun :) No sushi tonight but we are watching the race and listening to the war going on between our neighbors - who has the loudest and biggest fireworks :) If I had some more ambition and wasn't so worn out I would get out there and watch but I am ready to put 4th of July 2009 in the books and head to bed.


Secret Mom Thoughts Sunday, July 05, 2009  

Nice shots especially the one of you and the kids. Looks like a fun day.

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