Piper's Birthday Celebration

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

We celebrated Piper's 4th birthday this year at our town pool. I got this fabulous idea from a friend that had her son's birthday there last year and the kids had a BLAST so I thought why not. The result was 19 little kiddos swimming like crazy! I think I was the only parent there that was not swimming. SO.MUCH.FUN! I didn't get my camera out too much b/c I was having so much fun watching the kids and socializing with Ruby so I really only got cake pictures *blushing* and the only reason that I took them was that it was like 95 degrees out and the cake was melting :) Piper wanted a castle cake but I was afraid of transporting it for so many people so we made an Ariel "castle" cake and filled cupcakes. Everyone was on a sugar high :)

She saw this post and asked if I was going to make her another Ariel cake for her actual birthday on Wednesday. I was thinking of taking her to the mexican restaurant and having her wear the sombrero but I think she is too shy :)


Andrea Tuesday, July 14, 2009  

How fun!!! I love the cake too...great idea! :)

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