A New Friend

>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

When we asked Piper what she wanted this year for her birthday she very quickly told us a scooter and a Bolt dog - like from the movie. Before her birthday friends asked what to get for her so we told one of them a scooter (which she LOVES thanks Shawna!) and Matt went to the Disney Store and got her the Bolt dog. Last week as we were walking into Walmart she passed one of those claw machines and who was sitting perfectly inside staring out at her? Lilo - from Lilo & Stitch. This would be her ALL TIME FAVORITE movie and character. She named her baby doll that she got from her cousins at Christmas time Lilo. She begged me for that doll and I told her my standard "Sorry, we don't have any money" line but then she asked if she could have that as her present instead of the Bolt dog AND the scooter. What is a mama to do? That's right, everything she can to get her baby girl a Lilo doll :) Thank goodness for eBay b/c I was not even going to attempt that claw machine. Lilo arrived yesterday right under the wire, whew! So much for the Bolt dog :)


Kelly Friday, July 17, 2009  

Oh my gosh that picture of her throwing it up in the air is too cute! Gotta love ebay. I don't think I have ever won anything out of those claw machines!

Staci A Friday, July 17, 2009  

Sounds like a perfect trade-off! Wonderful captures, they look like the best of friends already.

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