Happy Easter

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

What a wonderful morning, we "hid" the baskets for the girls and they had to try and find them. Violet's was in her chair and Piper's in the play kitchen so it wasn't THAT hard but I think that they had fun doing it. I put a picture of each girl in their basket so they knew which was which. Both are quite pleased with their stash from the Bunny, Violet got a Rhinoceros and Piper a Giraffe for our field trip to the zoo on Tuesday. We also got a Neighborhood Bingo game that my friend Leslie recommended. Grandma and Grandpa sent each girl a special little metal bucket that they have been toting around, they crack me up.

Spring is here and not a minute too soon! I know that it is somewhat mild in the Southeast but I don't like winter period. Back home in the great northern state of WI they are still getting a ton of snow. When I call home I hear stories of blizzards and 3 feet of snow in yards - wow good thing I am not there! Anyway, I finally talked Matt into letting me get someone over here to assemble the swing set we got for the girls so that he didn't spend his only weekend off this spring putting it together and instead he would be able to enjoy it with his family. Why oh why are people so flakey? So undependable? After standing me up 2 times I was ready to give up but then they showed up. Matt made a schematic to scale and they still put it in the wrong spot - thank goodness he was here to see the error! I still don't think that they did everything right so next weekend, you know the weekend he was supposed to enjoy the set with the family, he will most likely be fixing the mistakes that they made. Ugh, why does my family have such cruddy luck with contractors!!! Enough complaining, had to get it off my chest though :) The girls love, love, love playing out there!

Look at Piper's big girl unders sticking out - way to go Piper!!

Happy Easter!!!


GabbyTeagenEmma Sunday, March 23, 2008  

Happy Easter! It looks like you had a great day! We miss you!

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