>> Friday, August 31, 2012

I wonder when I am going to have an original thought to write a real post on this blog? Ha, not today! As I was looking to see what I hadn't posted yet (the list is long) I realized that there is a lot of water pics here. Since I have no imagination at the time I simply titled this post "Water". I can't really call these Project 366 anymore because nothing is numbered and it is all jumbled on my Flickr. I have no idea what date is what anymore. And with this post concludes July...

Quick clean water rinse after swimming in the lake
We spent so much time in the lake this year! Sometimes a little rinse gets you through until the next day when we do it all over again.

And here comes the hail!
This was July 25th and we had hail! Big hail!

Bathing beauties
What a life right?

Another tooth!  Up to 6!
She's not going to have any left at this rate :)

Hose is much cooler than the lake today!
They make me laugh. A lot!

Watching the Olympics with the (obviously cold) littles
We had the Olympics on almost everyday. Missy Franklin became a household name over here. I even let them watch Beach Volleyball at night! We love Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh!

Sleeping Princess :)
Such an angel when she's sleeping :)

Lessons for the babe!
Lessons after she almost drown.

Boutonnière for @matthewdlucas from Rubarb :)
Rubarb picked her Daddy a boutonniere. Love!

Girls Night!
Hello Girls Night Out!

2 little girls that need to go to bed!
Snuggles. My favorite!

Ruby just woke up so that is it for today :)


Claremont First Ward Friday, August 31, 2012  

These are all such great photos. I'm glad you decided to post them!!!! Can you believe summer is over?

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