All Fall Down

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am so very sad today. I tell the girls not to do things over and over again but they still do them. We put them in time outs but the next day (or sometimes a few minutes later) they just do it again. I realize that they are young but this was what I was trying to prevent. Ugh, this morning while screwing around the girls had an accident and my Violet got the worst end of it. She fell face first on our kitchen tile floor and immediately the blood started, gosh it was EVERYWHERE! It wasn't until we got the bleeding under control that we noticed she had also chipped her front tooth. Lastly, it wasn't until we got her settled down a little bit that we saw she also has a pretty nasty bruise on her chin from hitting that too. Bless her heart! Our pediatrician told us that the way her lip was punctured they wouldn't stitch it but that we should see a pediatric dentist about her tooth. While I was taking these pictures I noticed that not only is that tooth chipped but it also looks like it is now crooked in her mouth. She sees the dentist Tuesday and will probably freak out since she is so young and strange men scare the heck out of her. We played a few games this afternoon after her nap so I know at this point it looks worse than it feels - thank goodness! It could have been worse so I am thankful for that but I hate it for my baby that now she will have a chipped tooth until it falls out when she is older - is that bad of me?
Don't mind the chocolate pudding face that she has - I made it while they were napping as a special soft treat and she wouldn't let me near her face to wash off the remnants.


Drea Thursday, May 28, 2009  

awe... poor thing!
Keep us posted on the dentist visit... Caleb went to a dentist once.. he was 4... and umm... yea... well we havent been back :) and he didnt make it very far into his cleaning HAHA.
He screamed A LOT.

I plan to take him back when he turns 5.

Taite tho has a chip on his front tooth.. but its tiny. His front tooth isnt straight either.. but I think thats just how he was born :)

I suppose this is why the Lord knew we needed baby teeth!

Hope she heals up.
Did I mention our boys both had stitches by age 2!
Caleb right above his temple! (u could see his skull when the chunk of skin fell off), and Taite on his eye brow. With Calebs fall he busted his lip really bad.. the dr. said to stitch lips on children is very hard.. lots of blood.. traumatizing.. so they try to always avoid it.

Staci A Thursday, May 28, 2009  

Poor thing! I hope she heals quickly & that the dentist visit goes okay!

Our first dentist visit went surprisingly well-we just made every little aspect of it "special." Good luck!

Andrea Friday, May 29, 2009  

Ouch!! That sure doesn't look like fun!! I hope it heals up fast though...poor girlie!

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