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>> Friday, May 1, 2009

The girls are still trying to figure out where they stand with a new little sister in the house. It seems that Ruby is always attached to my boob lately and the girls are getting bored. I try to figure out things for them to do but they quickly get tired of coloring w/o mama near them to compliment or draw with them. Games and harder puzzles are out of the question b/c I am not there to help them out and if they do take a puzzle out I find that I have to repeatedly tell them to pick up the pieces and put it away. Maybe it is all 2 & 3 year olds that are doing this but it seems magnified to me now that Ruby has come. I am yelling more and really don't want to be this kind of parent - what to do, what to do? I know you might ask "Jessie, how on earth can you yell at these 2 cuties?" Well, spend a day with us :)


Kathlynn Kinsey Friday, May 08, 2009  


I've written to you once or twice before, but I check in on your occasionally as I have twin daughters named Piper & Violet - so, of course, I admire your taste! I just wanted to say congratulations on the beautiful Ruby. I also have to comment that Ruby was our third name choice when, for a brief week, we thought we might be having triplets. How amazing!

The best to you and your beautiful little girls!

-Kate (also mom to Piper & Violet)

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