My most memorable birthday

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coming up on 4 years ago I was to be in Ohio for my birthday, my husband (then boyfriend) was out of town anyway so I went up there to do some extra planning on our wedding. My SIL and I were to go and finalize the cake, photographer, location, and DJ. We ate lunch at Wendy's and while we were eating Matt called and wished me a Happy Birthday. Rachael, who might have heard my answers to what he was saying, asked me when I got off the phone if it was my birthday - yep :) So we finished up all the errands that we had to do that day and then headed over to my BIL and SIL's house for a visit. Well, when we went in and then downstairs there was this table set up with food, a cake, and all of Matt's female family members (I didn't notice this at first). Together everyone yelled "Surprise!" and to myself I thought, "OMG, a surprise birthday party for me?". Nope. However just as thoughtful and appreciated, it was a surprise bridal shower :) Such a fun day and it was really cool that they all came for me. I still laugh at that day and will always remember that birthday because thanks to my husband's family.

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Unknown Friday, November 16, 2007  

A surprise bridal shower... on your birthday! What crazy fun! :D

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