It is over for ANOTHER year

>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

So the light up animated scary tree in our front yard will get packed away tonight along with the spooky lighted (dead) spruce next to the door. The pumpkins will be brought to the dump next week with our recycling and the candy will be sent with Megan for her 7th graders to become even more WIRED! Halloween is over once again, it truly is my favorite holiday so I am a bit sad. Winter holidays are coming quickly, the air was cool and crisp this morning but turned to another 75+ day in NC so it doesn't really feel like fall yet. Saturday before bed we will change back the time and soon we all will wake in the morning and eat supper in the dark! My beauties have been getting up around 6:15am - Sunday is going to be hard if they get up at 5:15am!! We've done it before though and it just takes a little bit of tweaks during our day and we will be back to being somewhat normal (us normal ha ha!) in about a week.

The girls and I went out on the deck to play catch after their naps/baths this afternoon. I actually put SPF on them b/c I feared for burns! Check out the fun bow that Piper has in her hair - it is her fav, ducks! My multi-talented mama friend, Dinah, makes them and gave both Piper and Violet duckie bows - lucky girls! Piper is showing me the troll doll that she got a few weeks back at The Children's Schoolhouse's kiddie carnival - she is all set for BINGO huh?

Have a great day and don't forget about the Rockin Baby Ring Sling Giveaway over at Mamanista and also the Pink Dyson Giveaway at the Domestic Diva! Take care!


bethany Thursday, November 01, 2007  

Funny you should ask-I just finished some boy shoes today.....I'll list them tonight or tomorrow, check back and see if you are interested! Thanks for entering the giveaway!

bethany Friday, November 02, 2007  

Wanted to let you know that I posted them! I know you said to email, but I couldn't find an email address, so this is the next best thing :)

Kellan Friday, November 02, 2007  

I'm glad Halloween is over for this year - I am tired. And ... that picture is precious - and that bow is to die for! See ya.

Jennifer Friday, November 02, 2007  

My daughter has a few of those trolls and she adores them. Go figure!

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