Cool Monday

>> Monday, August 20, 2007

Yes, that is right - our home is cool! Matt went this morning and got the part on his way to work and the best part was it only cost $11. I can't even begin to imagine what the bill would have been if we would have called someone yesterday. It was rather noisy last night with box fans in windows circulating the somewhat cool air that was outside, makes me appreciate how good we have it.

I dug out our cd player today to try and download them to our computer - not an easy task as my husband hoards cd's and we have a 400 disc player, small by some standards but excessive to most. While moving the cd player I must have accidently tipped it because one of the discs was not in its place and the table wouldn't turn. I took all the discs out by hand and then realized something, without them in the correct numbered spots I can't use my handy index that I created when we got the player and now I have a ton of cd's that I have no clue what they are - UGH!! Could be worse though and I could have broke the thing. So anyway, job will be a little harder but it will make me even more proud when it is done.

Can you believe this is our baby?

Last but definitely not least I won, I won, I won! My husband read my blog the other day and asked me why I was pitching products (aka contests), he said that he liked my blog more like a diary so that someday the girls could read it and know what we did when they were tiny. Well, I *heart* contests and love telling people about products that they might not have ever known about had it not been for word of mouth. Who doesn't love to win a prize or two you know? Well, not only did I win but it is a prize for MY HUSBAND - yeah! We won the diaper vest from Dad Gear! Now my husband will be styling when taking our daughter out and it is all because I blogged about it - thanks MomViews for having such a fun contest and for picking us! Check out the cool new button on my sidebar - woohoo!


Unknown Wednesday, August 22, 2007  

sorry about your AC..but congratz on winning the contest!!!

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