Have you ever grabbed the dented can?

>> Saturday, August 18, 2007

My husband told me once that if there is a dented can I will find it. He also says this about boxes and my luck. Somedays my luck just isn't there. I haven't been a bubbly person in a long time and I am really trying to find good but some times life makes it difficult for me. The girls and I picked up my friend Amber and headed to Southpark Mall, the mall where the other half shops. We got there and looked around for awhile, Amber is going away next weekend and wanted a special little dress to wear on her trip so we actually had somewhat of a mission while there. I was so psyched to see that SP added an Illuminations store which was a favorite of mine when I lived in CA. The house needed some more hand soap and it just so happened that when I went to Bath & Body Works they had them on sale. I found the perfect card for my husband, it was one of those that plays music - I needed to try and make him smile because I have been a pain in the ass lately to him. The Cheesecake Factory was too packed so we took the girls to Maggianos where I had a FABULOUS salad and Piper had wonderful chicken fingers with garlic mashed potatoes - YUMMY! Nothing could go wrong right? Well, this is me that we are talking about. Amber found the perfect dress, but they didn't have her size. The nice associate found 2 at other stores so we headed to one of them. After driving all that way we find out that they did not have the dress and on top of it all the sales lady was rude to my friend. I got home and found out that my air is broken, so I go and dig out our fan and plug that in broken too! Thinking that maybe there might be something wrong with the outlet I decided to try unplugging our nightlight and try the fan in that one - nope no go but then when I plugged the nightlight back in it was broken now too! I got out the card that I bought that played music to show to Megan and it was broken and didn't play - I tested it at the store! The last straw for me was when I realized that the chocolates that I got for my husband had melted into each other! What a day! The girls wouldn't go to sleep because our bedroom is a balmy 90 degrees so I let them get up and wore them out playing until 9:30 when I finally got them to go down. That was the beginning of all the good things that happened though. My neigbors are having a block party at their house with a band and even though that is part of the reason the girls wouldn't sleep I went outside in the cool (ish) air and listened to the band play with a glass of wine to relax a little. My husband came home safe and sound from a trip and I got him to dance with me for a song on the deck - no tequilla shot though. After showing him the broken fan he did something with it (plugged it in) and it miraculously came back to life. The chocolate is now hard again after spending some quality time in the refridgerator so I will be enjoying a piece of that in a minute while again listening to my own personal concert on my deck. He is working on the air and *pray pray pray* hopefully it will be working again before I go to sleep myself. Good night all...


Darcys Knotty Knitter Sunday, August 19, 2007  

I feel for you and for your friend but it sounds like you had a nice slow dance with your hubby to make up for your hard day;)My Birthday is October 25th but all I want is a date with my husband Sept 21 the Airforce Ball I told him we need a date after all we have been threw the last 6 months I told him I want him to be prince charming and me to be Cinderellie;)So I will go in a couple of weeks to Ross to buy a ball dress.lol Huggers Darcy

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