Feeling hot hot hot

>> Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why did I quote a Buster Poindexter song? Well if you read my blog yesterday I said that our air conditioning was out and hubby was trying to fix it at 10 pm last night and sadly we need a part that he couldn't just run out and get. This morning he ran to our local home improvement store and they didn't carry it either. When he got home he asked if I wanted him to call someone to come and fix it (how sweet to ask) and I said no b/c it is SUNDAY and the bill would be ENORMOUS! So we have been roughing it today and boy oh boy is it warm. Outside is pretty toasty too and humid so that is actually what is making it seem worse in the house. Most of the Zoo members moved outside today as it was probably 10 degrees cooler out there and once in awhile we felt a faint breeze. Here is everyone, Zoo dogs included, enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

So tonight I was sweating my butt off while putting the girls to sleep when all of a sudden a memory came to me that I hadn't thought of in so many years. Growing up with my Great-Grandparents in Wisconsin we didn't have much, like air conditioning. During the days in the summer my Grandma would close the house up tight. She would actually clothes pin her heavy blinds shut and we would play in a darkened living room so the sun wouldn't make it any hotter. At night she would open the windows in the bedroom and we would sleep with our heads at the footboard so that we might get a stray breeze coming through on our faces rather than our feet. Her ancient oscillating fan would hum in the background and we would listen to all of the activity happening on our street. It definitely brings me back to a really great time growing up, my Great-Grandparents were the best and I am sad that at the time I was so embarrassed of them because now I feel so fortunate and lucky that they chose to give up so much to raise me.


Anonymous Monday, August 20, 2007  

I know the no-airconditioning feeling. Ours went out about a month ago. Luckily it wasn't as hot as it is now! Hope it gets fixed soon!

Jennifer Monday, August 20, 2007  

I love the popsicle pictures!

I actually hate air-conditioning, and even when it's pretty hot outside we rarely turn ours on. (I know, everyone thinks I'm crazy.) But I do close up the house during the daytime and open the windows at night. It really works: our house stays nice and cool, even without the AC. Though, I have to admit, that "cool" for me might not be for other people. :) Hope you get your comfort level back soon!

Anonymous Saturday, August 30, 2008  

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