Oh those darn teeth

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

My poor youngest daughter is having such a hard time with those 2 front teeth and as for me I am saying "Come in ALREADY!" I never really could tell when Piper was teething because she never really showed any of the signs besides maybe getting up more at night but Violet is a whole other story. She is waking up all night, has a fever, runny nose, and is more clingy than Saran Wrap. She is napping in our Didy right now because she won't even let me put her down in the bed - poor thing. I gave her a frozen bagel this morning to knaw on for awhile and that seemed to help her. I don't know, call me a freaky mama, but I won't give her those frozen teethers after there were some that were recalled when Piper was a baby. We got rid of the ones that we had back then and have never bought them again. When we got up I did however put some water in old nipples and they are in the freezer right now so hopefully they will be done soon. If you don't know about that what you do then is put them in a bottle and the babes can chew on the nipple which has ice in it. I learned that trick from my Super Baby Food Book. Today would be the day that we could really use a Teething Key Ring from Playskool. Maybe we will win that contest before she starts cutting any more.


Anonymous Thursday, August 23, 2007  

Aw - yes - teething! My first little guy didn't even notice when he got new teeth. My second little guy (well) it was worse then horrible. It was super-duper horrible. He wouldn't sleep each time he was getting teeth.

Roo Friday, August 24, 2007  

i think every mama in america is relating to you on this one. :) my girls front ones didn't bother her but her molars have been a different story.


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