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>> Sunday, August 5, 2007

While sitting on our deck sipping my morning coffee and watching my beautiful little girl fill her tea cups over and over again it dawned on me that a perfect opportunity to paint my toes was presenting itself. The last time that I had a pedicure was in December before having Violet and that polish was hidden for a few months under socks. My feet needed a little bit of TLC and this was a great time to do it. Well, I got everything set up and ready to go when my daughter decided what I was doing was much more interesting than water - unbelieveable if you know my daughter. I agreed to do hers and she sat so perfect letting me paint each one, it was such a great moment! We finished and I was blowing on them with her help and then when I finished mine she came back over to blow on my toes. I am so enjoying having my girls and look forward to sharing experiences like this with Violet someday.

Quick information about a contest that you can enter to cover those little toes...

I love Umi shoes! We are lucky enough to have a pair of cherry red maryjanes that Piper wore last winter and someday Violet will inherit. They are so cute and so well made! Here is a chance to win a pair for your babe - good luck!

Umi Shoe Contest at MomViews


MJ Tam Wednesday, August 15, 2007  

Thank you for joining in at Umi Giveaway!

Just want to remind you that MomViews is a weekly feature review site and will also do a giveaway every week.

So come and take another chance and win the cool Diaper Vest this time. An $82.00 giveaway. Good Luck!

:-) MJ

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