>> Saturday, January 1, 2011

I made resolutions. Big mistake. Each new year gives you a fresh start to come up with things that you really had no intention of doing but what the heck tell the world! Like exercise. I'll bet this is the one that most people fail at. I guess that is why the real gym rats dislike January so much. Us out of shape but optimistic girls/guys hit the gym for the first time in about 11 1/2 months and take up all the machines. I don't go to a gym. They stink of other people's sweat. I don't even like smelling my own let alone smelling the guy on the bike next to me and then having to wipe it off because he is too lazy to do it himself. Yuck. I do say I will exercise almost every year though but come up with other ways to do it. Normally failure Last year I did not say I would exercise so did not totally fail on my resolutions. They were:
1. Be Nicer - I totally rocked this one! I did not yell at a single stranger ALL YEAR! Woo Hoo! It really is something I am proud of because it is hard for me to bite my tongue sometimes.
2. Learn to Knit - AGAIN this is on my fail list. I am embarrassed that I still haven't learned and that is all I am going to say about that.
3. Run that 1/2 marathon - This got sort of side tracked, then back on track, then side tracked again. Not that I was super on track ever but I was trying. Excuses, excuses!

2 out of 3 isn't bad right? What to do about next year? I will resolve to not resolve. Nothing so big anyway. Too much pressure lol :) If I were to make a resolution I might say that
1. I want to be a better mama.
2. Play more with my girls.
3. Get out more with my husband without kids.
4. Continue being the joyous person I have become. Don't spit out your water Matt because it's true you know, I have yet to tell off the school receptionist :)
5. Quit using b/c and why? BECAUSE it bugs me when I do it!

Finally, BOOM!! Not quite the grand finale but similar. Next year we go to SC and get something big! To the younger crowd though this was pretty cool :)

Happy New Year!


Cara Saturday, January 01, 2011  

I was cracking up when you said you didn't yell at a single stranger all year, hehehehe!

I make resolutions for my kids each year. One year I made the resolutions that:
Nicolo will learn to crawl and then walk.

Francesco will give up the Binky and be potty trained.

They both kept them too (LOL)!

Natalie A. Saturday, January 01, 2011  

Happy New Year to you and your family! I never seem to make new year resolutions because I would fail miserably!! I hope your year is amazing!

Kimberly Saturday, January 01, 2011  

I thought that WAS one of the big ones until I scrolled down a little. :) Two out of three is actually quite good, and I'm so going to agree with you on the exercise resolution.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Saturday, January 01, 2011  

Happy 2011 Jessie! I think it's awesome you even resolved to run a 1/2 marathon. I can't even commit to that hypothetically!

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