Ice, Ice, Baby

>> Friday, January 14, 2011

A little bit of snow here in NC will shut things down for a day but put a little bit of ice on top and it is a week before we are recovered fully. Businesses close, school is out, and parents are trying to figure out new indoor things to do with the kids. I enjoy having them home with me on these days but it all comes at a price. No day off in January, no day off in February, and I believe now we are into March. Just hoping for no more storms so that our spring break is safe.

This was the snow/ice on our deck from Wednesday afternoon. I am so over winter. The theme at Live Every Moment is COLD. This mama is ready for some WARM though :)


Kimberly Friday, January 14, 2011  

I really like the abstractness of this one Jessie. And I hear ya on the makeup days. I'm hearing school around here won't be out until June 13th at the earliest now. I hope that's not the case. We're on a three hour delay today, but of course, our sideroad is still solid ice so the bus won't come up here. And I can't get our car out to take B to school, but even with those mitigating circumstances he's still going to be counted absent. Not hardly fair is it?

Ashley Sisk Friday, January 14, 2011  

This is really beautiful - I love that blue.

Anonymous Friday, January 14, 2011  

So pretty! Love the color! xo

Kathleen Friday, January 14, 2011  

Very pretty!!

I'm done with winter too! Unfortunately, we just moved from GA to CT, so I'm not going to get out of it that easily. Ugh! :-/

julie Friday, January 14, 2011  

Great the composition :)

Tara Friday, January 14, 2011  

So beautiful...I love that blue! Spring would be so nice right about now!

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