Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2010

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

Ashley Sisk came up with this list to help us look back and remember 2010 with our pictures and blog posts. What a year it has been! I really enjoyed doing this and hope she does something like it next year as well.


I ran a 5k last January. Sometimes I am guilty of not following through on things (most of my 2010 resolutions as a matter of fact) but this one I did!

I Love You

I love that my husband doesn't have a cheese ball grin and he is enjoying the moment. This was when I was still trying to do that 365 project back in March. By the way, hats off to anyone that can actually start and finish that!

Still Laughing...

The Halloween post that went with this picture was one of my favorites this year. The girls were playing along and we had such a fun time. I chose this picture because of Ruby and the fact that she just tickles me.

Winter Wonderland

There is a fairy festival every year at a park near us. They hold it in February which normally is sort of rainy but last year we got snow. We aren't wussy fairies at the zoo though so off we went. Ruby was snuggled on my back and the girls and I made fairy crowns and fairy houses. This was a really great day!


Hubs turned 40 this year! This was him walking in to the party. I smiled when I reread this post because he kept saying to me "No, don't go in there Jessie there is a party" and then the look on his face when he recognized all of his friends. I remember this being a very awesome night because we got to see a lot of people we don't normally get to see anymore. I loved it!


I love that our girls consider their cousins as friends. Each year we make the trip north to visit with them and then they make the trip south to see us. I hope that their friendship grows as they do. I just noticed that towards the left hand side of the photo it actually says cousins. Ha! I never noticed that before :)

Friends from here in NC this summer. What is summer without swimming suits and popsicles?

I Was Inspired...

By my old friend Ray AND Julia Child to make Hollandaise Sauce one night for a special supper I made for my husband. It rocked!

Travel or Vacation

Our trip to Topsail Island this year. We found out that I was pregnant on this trip. Seems so long ago now. But enough of that...

Summer Days

We set up a pool on the upper part of our deck every year. Just a blow up but the girls think it is pretty fun. We also have our water table, their picnic table, and a play kitchen. The days here in the south are pretty hot but come 4 pm our deck starts to get a little shaded and we head out. I learned how tasty iced coffee was this year too. I miss summer.

A Day In My Life

My day consists of watching ballet performances, making breakfast, perhaps a puppet show or another dance performance, lunch, nap (ahhh), start supper, quick clean up, then bed. Don'tcha want to be me? The one thing this morning shot is missing is a giant cup of coffee. My days don't start without it!

The Reason I Smile

I mean how can't you?

Autumn Harvest

We went from summer to winter down here it seems. The leaves did not really change much at least in my back yard. One day they were green the next brown and falling down. I do believe it was still in the 80's in November. Crazy weather but that is why I live here :)


The Zoo's 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party! Always a hit with the girls and hubs because I make yummy appetizer food to munch on. I can't wait for this year!


When Piper was a little baby a great group of mamas used to get together and have playgroups. I remember one at my friend Nealie's house and it was a party for Fat Tuesday. Since then this has become a tradition at our home. Our family decorates, we dress up, and eat traditional Mardi Gras food. This shot was from our little party this year. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Let's Do It Again...

We had so much fun this day! I am not a girlie girl but having 3 total girlie girls makes me have to pretend to be one somedays. Seeing this made me realize we haven't done this lately and that we need to really soon!

We Miss You
My husband's side of the family lost 3 incredible people this year. His grandma Edith on his mom's side and his grandma Margie and grandpa Art on his father's side.

Every time we would get the kids with their grandparents we would do a picture. Get a handful of kiddos and elderly people together and it is normally chaos. I am glad we did it though.

Both of these were taken in 2009 when I thought it would be a good idea to do the 2009 Whirlwind Summer Tour of the Midwest. I am still recovering from that :)


Beautiful baby rolls! Our Ruby :)

Dress Up

I chose Halloween because my husband and I really didn't go out at all in 2010. I crack up every time I see this one because Ruby is just so stinkin sweet! Those babies fill me with joy.


If there is anything that I will remember about the end of this year it is Ruby's smile. We ask her to smile and this is what we get. I wish I could bottle how this little one makes me feel inside because you all would be knocking my door down trying to get some.

My Favorite

I love this picture of the girls. I don't know if it is my FAVORITE but I can't choose a favorite unless all of them are in it. I searched for this one because I remember Ruby back then trying to keep up with them. Now she doesn't have to try anymore she just does it. A year in their lives now is such a big deal and they change so much. I am so blessed to be their mother.

Don't Ever Change

I hope Violet never stops being the goofy, carefree girl that she is now. I love it so much about her.

Just Because...

This was almost a Zoo Girls shot but Violet was MIA.

Hopes and Dreams

Memories, Dreams and Reflections allowed me to go back and relive a lot of the joy from last year. There was heartache as well but our family is strong and we get through hard times together. I hope our family enjoys a lot of joy and laughter together as we navigate through 2011 and any obstacles we (most likely) will encounter.


Kimberly Monday, January 03, 2011  

So beautifully done Jessie. I enjoyed looking back over the year with you. What an incredible life you are living. :)

Charmaine Poulin Monday, January 03, 2011  

Such a wonderful collection of shots!! I'm so loving those sweet baby rolls!!!!

Liz Mays Monday, January 03, 2011  

Looking back over the year had me smiling so much. I really enjoyed that!

Mrs. Stam Monday, January 03, 2011  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all those pictures!!!! What a great post :-)

Ashley Sisk Monday, January 03, 2011  

I loved every single moment of this post - your girls are so cute - I can't wait to see more of them in 2011.

Unknown Monday, January 03, 2011  

Your girls are beautiful! I loved ALL of these photos... you are very talented! The baby rolls, oh my! And I love iced coffee in the summer :) Great shots!

missy Monday, January 03, 2011  

I too have 3 girls and have really enjoyed looking at your stunning pictures and blog since I stumbled on it a few days ago.

Ruby truly does have priceless expressions, character! Love that one of the rolls too.

Happy Newyear - may it be as full of huge smiles and fun as your last obviously was!

Unknown Monday, January 03, 2011  

Can't pick a favorite - your friends one is adorable!!!!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Monday, January 03, 2011  

Your photos are just gorgeous - each and every one! I hope you have a fabulous 2011!

Claremont First Ward Monday, January 03, 2011  

I absolutely ADORED this post. LOVED seeing what I've missed and the clarity of your photos is truly phenomenal (not to mention how cute your kids are)! Happy New YEar!

Chrissy Monday, January 03, 2011  

That made me smile. Great post!

SarahinSC Monday, January 03, 2011  

Looks like such a fun family! I love your Super Bowl shot! Haha!

Joni Monday, January 03, 2011  

i saw that you took a trip to topsail island. are you from NC? I live near Raleigh. what a great collection of photos. you definitely had a wonderful year. hope you have a great 2011 too.

Tara Tuesday, January 04, 2011  

These are all amazing, I love your "reason I smile", "still laughing" and friends so much! I am a new follower!

Warren Baldwin Tuesday, January 04, 2011  

Read your note on Ashley's blog so linked over to take a look. Looks like you've got a good following here! And you do great photography! wb

georgia b. Wednesday, January 05, 2011  

all of your photography is stunning. may you have an equally beautiful and reflective 2011.

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