Team Up Thursday - Stacked

>> Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can never let a good thing alone. When I saw my stack of quarters I was bored *yawn* so I played, and I played, and I applied an action, then played some more. Step away from the PS Jessie! There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original it was just, like I said, boring. I love seeing what other people read and what interests them and Angie's shot this week gives us a glimpse into what she reaches for. I have not read a whole book in a few years now so I do not know one of those titles. After I get the girls down I over edit pictures and blog or visit blogs. Maybe I should read a book, hmmm.


Do you want to try and do Team Up Thursdays with us? Email Megan, she has someone looking for a partner right now! There is more Team Up Thursdays at Melody's and Megan's.


Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, January 27, 2011  

We're going to a place on Sunday where we'll need a stack like that! Sadly our stacks are all pennies.

Michelle G Thursday, January 27, 2011  

My 10 year old son is collecting old (silver)quarters - we've all been enlisted to search through every handful of change EVERY DAY!!! - so I have to tell you - I love the quarter stack :)

Angela Friend Thursday, January 27, 2011  

Love your photo today! Did you see next weeks theme...behind... know what I want to take a picture of...
Have a great weekend...can't wait until Sunday!

Megan Thursday, January 27, 2011  

"step away from PS" -- i'm so laughing right now:). it's really a fun shot; i particularly like how it's leaning!

Together We Save Thursday, January 27, 2011  

Great pictures... love the books!!

Kimberly Thursday, January 27, 2011  

Isn't it funny when someone says "stacked", coins instantly come to mind? You outdid me this time my friend. I should have stepped up to post processing. ;)

Jen Thursday, January 27, 2011  

You crack me up. I have to step away from PS sometimes too. After awhile I can't even tell if I like it anymore. I don't think your shot is boring at all though. I have to read before I go to bed even if it is for a few minutes. It takes me a LONG time to finish a book.

Corey~living and loving Thursday, January 27, 2011  

love this theme. You both have beautiful shots. I read all the time and I didn't know those books, but I'm going to look into them. :)

HipMomma Friday, January 28, 2011  

I love the processing on your coins. It looks like a vintage photo. Sometimes I like to play more just to see what will come next so I completely understand.

Cara Friday, January 28, 2011  

I like your edit, but I can totally relate to the over edit urge. BTW- thanks for talking me into the 52 week self portrait project (LOL) I ma enjoying it!

Chrissy Friday, January 28, 2011  

Gutter mind...why was I totally expecting your cleavage on that one? lol nice job with the coins, keeping it G rated and all:)

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