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>> Friday, January 21, 2011

What do you get when you take an old Kodak Brownie and play around while the babies are sleeping? A really fun time for mama! I have heard of people making adaptors for their old cameras and then taking pictures with their digitals through them. Really? How fun! My girlfriend Rachel lent me a couple of her old cameras. One was a Kodak Brownie Reflex that I immediately was drawn to. It reminded me of the camera that my great grandparents used to have. Doesn't that kind of memory just give you a warm fuzzy feeling? THEN I found a group on flickr called Through the Viewfinder. They only take pictures through the viewfinder of other cameras. I don't have an adaptor and I am no pro but I very shyly submitted one of my self portraits this week. When you hit the submit button you just hope people are kind or just not comment :) Here was me playing with this toy this week.

me and the brownie

and then the family member who always seems to be sleeping
Marley "Through the Viewfinder"

Without an adaptor you see the camera so I may even try to put together one of those before I give her back then get it outside and see the beauty the old girl can show me.


Kimberly Friday, January 21, 2011  

So very interesting. I love the texture and "vintage" feel you get from it. I may have to keep my eye open for some of these older cameras when I go yard saling this spring. :)

Curly Hairdo Ideas Friday, January 21, 2011  

oh interesting! I've never heard of this before... I wanna see more of what you do with it!

~ Karli

Buckeroomama Sunday, January 23, 2011  

VERY cool shots, Jessie! I think I remember my uncle shooting with one of these 'oldie' cameras. I wonder if he still has it...

georgia b. Wednesday, January 26, 2011  

this is so, so cool!

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