A canvas you say?

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why yes. Do you remember me entering a little giveaway a month ago well I won! Heck to the Y.E.S. I did! What did I win you ask? A $100 Amazon gift card (yet unspent but will probably go for something boring like a booster seat) AND wait for it...an 18X24 canvas from uprinting.com. Seriously psyched until I saw that I have a deadline for such canvas and it is 2.10.2011. Umm, I got nothing! So, seeing as though the kiddies didn't have school on Monday I decided "What the heck" and took them to one of my favorite places to get THAT shot. What do they say about best laid plans? My normally smiley girls turned into grumps with fake smiles.

cropped to show their disinterest

What? Bribes and all? Yes, grumps. I am getting nervous. Tick. Tick. Tick. But wait...smiles. I am not sure who they were smiling at but it was nice to see them after 30 or so shots of staring at me glassy eyed.

2 weeks to go - the pressure is on!!


Mrs. Stam Tuesday, January 25, 2011  

Your girls are just adorable and I LOVE LOVE both pictures!

Anonymous Tuesday, January 25, 2011  

I think both photos are great. It's difficult to get happy photos of more than one child. Last Christmas was a nightmare for us, needless to say we never got a good photo. I have the same gallery wrap canvas from uPrinting it's a amazing. I did a photo of my son and daughter holding hands walking into the woods. It's gorgeous!

Amy Carr Tuesday, January 25, 2011  

Love the second one!! I would blow that sucker up on canvas for sure! Actually, they both are adorable. Sometimes it's nice to see "real life"....even if it isn't the perfect smile :). But hands down, #2 would be on my wall somewhere.....if not a canvas, maybe in a certain gorgeous frame you should be receiving soon?!

hipMomma Tuesday, January 25, 2011  

I love the downward spiral of smile to frown in the first. That's the one I'd blow up. I would suggest setting up a little play scene, like a cute tea party on a blanket, and get them while they are playing. Put m&ms in the tea cups. ;) They are darling.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Wednesday, January 26, 2011  

How funny! They really are adorable - and that second shot is priceless!

Megan Wednesday, January 26, 2011  

i am so laughing right now :).

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