Monday Mingle 1.31.11

>> Monday, January 31, 2011

So I am going to give this vlog thing a try. Do you know how hard it is to vlog? Sheesh. I thought looking at myself in my 52 week self portrait project was tough try listening to yourself too! Seeing as it was my first time doing this I watched it back and had to laugh at my "phone voice".

Ok, thanks, bye. Just call me mama dork lol :) Wanna vlog? Link up with Eighty MPH Mom and her Mingle Monday's with me!


Shelly at Aperture of My Eye Monday, January 31, 2011  

I loved your first vlog. You're too cute! I know exactly what you mean about the "phone voice." I hear myself sometimes on answering machines or in the background of a video clip and I think, "Who is that?" :)

Buckeroomama Monday, January 31, 2011  

You are too cute! I loved it!!!

I don't like the sound of my own voice on recorded messages, but you, you sound perfectly charming!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Monday, January 31, 2011  

I love your laugh! My dinners don't turn out to be very good looking but they are delicious. That's all that matters!

Rachael Monday, January 31, 2011  

Great Job! What a neat idea and you did really well! Nice to hear your voice and see you in a video since we don't get to see you very often.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Monday, January 31, 2011  

Hello! I am so glad you joined in - you did an excellent job!

Your casserole sounds really good (and really easy - I like that!).

I hope you will mingle again!

Cluttered Brain Monday, January 31, 2011  

too cute vlog!
reese cup?
Mmmm YUM.
coffee is a popular drink.
foodie? yay...not a food blogger like Me! lol.

I LOve food.
Ya...weight...I have issues too.
Mmm your chicken recipe sounds great!!!
thanks for mingling. hope you join in again!!!

Anonymous Monday, January 31, 2011  

How stinking adorable are you???!
I love your sweet giggle!
I think I might try to link p to this!
You have inspired me!
ps...I cant live without my coffee either.
I just got a KEURIG ...its love <3

Mrs. Stam Monday, January 31, 2011  

vlog are so much fun, I love your voice :-) and yes I love food too, a bit too much :-)

Unknown Monday, January 31, 2011  

Great Job on your first vlog - I've been doing it for a while and I think that I still use my phone voice!

Michelle G Monday, January 31, 2011  

a vlog :) too fun!
I like the "phone voice" comment :) I often hear my own voice and think the same thing (or more likely I different I sound on the phone vs. when I'm bellowing at my kids to get home/come to dinner/stop harassing each other :)
congrats on the 1st vlog :)

Megan Monday, January 31, 2011  

i so loved listening to you, jessie -- you are charming :).

Blessings Abound Monday, January 31, 2011  

Well, aren't you just as cute as can be! Lol @the phone voice comment!

That casserole sounds delish and right up my alley. Our family loves Mexican food and there are times when I definitely want an easy, throw it together meal that everyone enjoys. Thanks for sharing! :)

Tammy Monday, January 31, 2011  

You did great in your first vlog! I was "kinda" new today too. I met Jen in real life a few months back and we did a Monday Mingle then but this was my very first one all alone. :)

Your recipe sounds good! Might be trying that one soon.

Momstart Monday, January 31, 2011  


You are adorable! I think all of us have a hard time going back and actually watching the videos we make. I know that I only go back to make sure the sound works, and it doesn't even usually matter because I hate redoing it so I just let it go!

Dinner doesn't have to look good! ;-)

cynthia Monday, January 31, 2011  

You are the cutest mama ever!! Love you laugh and accent. You made me smile. Can't wait to see your next vlog.

Corey~living and loving Monday, January 31, 2011  

love that you are a giggler. :) me, too! ♥ cute vlog. I've never done it. maybe sometday.

Denise Kline Monday, January 31, 2011  

Hi Jessie! Thats was great! This is my first time for a meme. I don't even know how to vlog. LOL!

Denise Kline
My Blog

Liz Mays Monday, January 31, 2011  

I'm not even going to lecture you on your evil drink habit.

You're adorable!! You did so great!

I love casseroles and your mexican casserole sounds so good!

Cara Monday, January 31, 2011  

You have a great laugh! Loved it, it's great to hear your voice. I loved all your answers too.

Kimberly Monday, January 31, 2011  

You are so stinkin cute that it's not even funny! I had no idea you had a "yankee" voice still, and you look and sound incredibly young. I hope you do this again. I really enjoyed it. :)

HipMomma Monday, January 31, 2011  

Aw, I love it! Now I'll be reading your blog in your voice. ;)

Lynsey Jones Monday, January 31, 2011  

Oh my gosh that is the cutest Vlog ever! I love it!
Let's see, umm YES Reece's should be their own food group - we can just call it Heaven. My mother, a school teacher, gave Extra Credit points to the kids who would being in Reece's cups the day after Halloween. We have a severe addiction to them.
I think your voice is too cute - I did one MM with the flu and I TOTALLY sounded like a 90 year old man with emphysema...
SEE you next week!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Monday, January 31, 2011  

You did fabulous! I did one or two Mingles and keep wanting to do it again...maybe next week? You certainly do not look like a dork, why are we always so hard on ourselves?

That casserole sounds DELICIOUS! I have to try it, but unfortunately, with soy cheese. I am the same way, my stuff taste okay, it is just not picture friendly. Actually, it usually looks a bit of a As long as the family eats it and when they go back for seconds, even better!

Lorie Shewbridge Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

I think your first vlog is adorable and I love your laugh, too.
Your Mexican chicken casserole sounds delicious, I'll have to try it, I know my hubby will love it.
Chocolate and coffee seems to be a staple in every mother's food pyramid. I have the same problem and am still trying to lose the baby weight, but my baby is 20 years old. TeeHee
Can't wait to see more of your vlogs. :)

Joanne Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

Yeah, I love food too...and I'm still carrying around pregnancy weight too. I enjoyed your mingle. THanks for joining in!

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