Fever + Ruby = Hypochondriac Mama

>> Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the past several days Ruby has been running a fever. I never realized until now how much of a worry wart I have become with her. Seriously. The minute that she starts running a fever I am running for the medicine closet. She has basically been on Tylenol/Ibuprofen since Friday. After she had her seizure in October I have been this way. I have such a fear of her having another one that each time she is remotely starting to get sick I start to worry. Last night Matt woke me up telling me that she felt warm again. We gave her Ibuprofen but I couldn't fall back to sleep. I am a mess over it all the time.

They say that kids outgrow febrile seizures but I know of a little boy that had one at 4. I am not sure that even when she is 4 that I will be worry free. Monday she didn't have a fever anymore but was feeling blah. I hate that she doesn't feel good but she is awful cuddly right when she is under the weather. As you can see from above she wasn't feeling that bad because she had enough energy to go crazy with the stamper. My kids crack me up.


Kimberly Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

Jessie, I think some people have an ability to remain calm and rational throughout most anything. I am NOT one of those people, and maybe neither are you. As long as you're not still chasing Ruby around with a medicine bottle at 18, you're going to be just fine. :) ♥ you mama!

Anonymous Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

My daughter was having recurring fevers every 30 days or so. I would have to rush her to the ER or into the docs, all for them to tell me it's viral, it will go away. In Oct I put my foot down and said do something about this. We found out she has a medical issue but I'm so glad I put my foot down. We found out she has urinary reflux which can but not always causes UTI's. She has had 3. I think now being a mom, I worry about everything with my kids. I hate having to watch my little girl not feel well with fevers:(

Mrs. Stam Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

Hope she feels better soon!

Claremont First Ward Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

I hope she feels 100% really soon! I love this picture, btw.

Claremont First Ward Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

I hope she feels 100% really soon! I love this picture, btw.

Cara Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

I am right there with you mama! They told me that most kids "outgrow" having a febrile seizure by the time they are 5. I can't wait till Francesco is 5 (5 months to go)just to have a little bit of the weight of that worry gone (because I don't think it will go all the way away).
I do the Tylenol/Ibuprofen thing too. I also try to pump him full of liquids and occasionally if I am desperate a tepid bath (which never goes over well).

Liz Mays Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

I thought she was coloring with a pink pen. I didn't realize that was a stamp! Too funny!

I'd be like you...worrying.

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

Poor Ruby and poor mama :( Addison just started running a fever today. I'm freaked out because of all the stuff with her neck...fever could = infection and it scares me :(

Buckeroomama Tuesday, February 01, 2011  

Both J and Z had seizures (gastro-related, not febrile) when they were 21 months --those were the scariest moments of my life!

I hope Ruby is back at 100% soon!

Nickolaus Cave Wednesday, February 02, 2011  

I had febrile seizures until I was 3 or 4. I didn't give my parents any warning, just went into seizure when my fever spiked. I had lots of ear infections that caused it. I wouldn't complain or pull at my ears. Hang in there. You are stronger than you think you are.

Kelly Saturday, February 05, 2011  

It's not a fun feeling, I've been there and still worry when Jillian is under the weather. She hasn't had any in almost 2 years. In fact, she doesn't even really get fevers anymore. Keep up the meds and hopefully she will pull through this one just fine.

cynthia Sunday, February 06, 2011  

Oh, wow. I cant even begin to imagine what it must be like having to deal with these seizures but I can relate to your feelings about being overly protective. I think you're probably calmer on the outside that you believe to be and that your instincts to insist on giving her Tylenol when she feels warm is spot on.

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