Team Up Thursday - Behind

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick post because I am actually writing this late Wednesday night and Ruby wants to go to bed. That being said I do too :) Angie's shot is totally representative of me this month as well. In my mind it is still January but unfortunately the calendar keeps on going. I was not ready for February but it came quickly. This week I could not wrap my head around this theme. I struggled with it. As the kids and I walked everyday I thought of different ways to interpret "behind" but I came up blank most times. What I ended up picking was a shot of Ruby on a day she was feeling better being a little piggy behind the bars of a favorite chair of mine.


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Mrs. Stam Thursday, February 03, 2011  

the chair picture is the best!!!! LOVE it!

hipMomma Thursday, February 03, 2011  

Aw, she's behind bars! Too cute.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, February 03, 2011  

That's adorable! Time does fly. At least I didn't get behind by not having any goals. Is that good or bad? I can't tell.

April Emery Friday, February 04, 2011  

stopping by for the first time - i love what you post! i will be back :)

Buckeroomama Friday, February 04, 2011  

Oh, cute, cute Ruby! What a ham she is. =) I really love her personality!

Kimberly Sunday, February 06, 2011  

I am so behind! Oh how I love little Ruby's face peeking out.

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