Monday Mingle 2.14.11

>> Monday, February 14, 2011

OMGosh. You know those scary shots of yourself in pictures that nowadays you can just delete? I will forever have that shot as the picture for this weeks mingle because I don't know how to change it. That's ok. Keeps me humble.

This week the questions are:
1. What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
2. Whats the nicest thing you have ever done for someone?
3. What do you like best and least about your life?

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•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• Monday, February 14, 2011  

No shame in recording early. That's usually how I mingle too! :)
The only roller coaster I've been on was an old wooden one and it scared the bajeebus out of me! Oh my gosh. I felt like I was going to fall out of it. LOL! Never again :)
I love that idea of paying someone's toll randomly. That's GREAT! Way to spread that around... amazing :)
I think many of us feel you on your least favorite. I know I sure do. But yes, the good far outshines those moments. :)
Have a good week :)

Cara Monday, February 14, 2011  

Right now for me the thing I like least about my life is the time thing too. There are days that I swear I don't get 5 minutes to myself and it can be sooooooo fustrating (even the cat won't leave me alone). Sometimes I long for the days I would come home from work and have nothing to do. That never happens now. Like you said though, it won't always be like this.

Paula Schuck Monday, February 14, 2011  

Your girls are beautiful. Nice to meet you. I think if I rode a wooden roller coaster I would literally sh^& my pants. I can';t take those rides and my stomach literally doesn't do well on rides like that. Plus i turn into my mother thinking holy crap what if it doesn't stop? what if it breaks? what if I fly right out of this thing into the crows. I am so lucky my kids love these rides and so does my husband which means I never ever have to do them. Happy Monday Mingle.


Debbie Monday, February 14, 2011  

The amusement park that we go to has a wooden roller coaster. It's over 100 years old. When I was a kid it had this flimsy "lap bar" that didn't lock. I thought I was gonna die. No it is retrofitted with 2 bucket sets each with their own secure lap bar. It's still thrilling for sure!
I think it's super nice that you pay someones toll for them. You'll get your blessings from it for sure.
As for time to yourself, it's a blissful thing. You should try and make a list of something you want to do without kids, then when that rare opportunity comes around, you'll be prepared.
Have a Happy Valentines Day :)

Liz Mays Monday, February 14, 2011  

Those wooden coasters are so rickety and shaky!

I love your toll idea. I'm going to do that!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Monday, February 14, 2011  

That is the most exciting thing ever to have your toll paid. We use the EZ pass, I guess we'd be exempt from the kindness! Oh well!

Hope you and the girls had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Daenel T. Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

Girl, you gotta squeeze those mingles in when you can... LOL

LOL Safety was not a concern back in the day. No seat belts, concrete playgrounds, etc.

Randomly paying tolls is so cool.

Hope you have a great week.

Kimberly Wednesday, February 16, 2011  

I so love the idea of Monday Mingle. I actually made a video last week but then couldn't get it to upload. Maybe Monday...

I'm with you on the "me time". That's scarce around here too, but what are ya gonna do? We'll have plenty of me time when they get older I guess. ;)

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