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>> Saturday, February 26, 2011

Having lived in WI for over 1/2 my current life I know winter. I know cold. I don't like either. There are people that get excited for this time of year but I was never one of them. About the only activities I did enjoy were festivals held on the ice and then I still stayed close to the heaters. My decision to move to CA was a personal one to change and better myself as a person but it didn't hurt that SoCal was gorgeous. Warm. The ocean was 15 minutes from where I lived. Heaven. So when I met Matt and we moved to a state I had not stepped foot in before I was skeptical if I was going to like it or not. I love NC. From the very minute I got here I fell in love. Back before kids we would take the bike to the mountains which are a quick 2 hours from our home. My girlfriend would come and visit and we would head to the ocean which is only a 4 hour drive. Plus the area I live is relatively mild in the winter. Sure it gets down to freezing but the other day when we were experiencing a 75 degree day (out of the norm but still) other parts of the country were getting hit with more snow. A foot or so. I have turned into a wuss when it comes to cold. It is so wonderful to play outside without winter jackets, hats, and mittens. The girls love it and I got some yard work done while they were playing. Violet and I are excited to start planting our spring garden of lettuce, onions, and broccoli. Fun times.

"I want to ride my bike ALL DAY LONG"

Baby Ruby wants to learn how to ride a bike too

and my beautiful blue eyed girl



Tara Saturday, February 26, 2011  

Gorgeous, I just love her eyes. She is so beautiful. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Unknown Saturday, February 26, 2011  

Those eyes Jess I tell ya!
I'm smitten!

Susie B. Homemaker Saturday, February 26, 2011  

I miss living down south. :( We are getting more snow here in MI as I type this. *Boo

I also featured your blog today and added you to the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. :)

Joey Lynn Resciniti Saturday, February 26, 2011  

We're excited to get back to bike riding too. We had it out on a mild day recently and poor BooBoo got tired after about 5 minutes. I guess we all get out of shape over the winter!

Love little Ruby on the trike!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Monday, February 28, 2011  

Your kids are absolutely adorable!

I love California...and yes it is sunny here!

cynthia Monday, February 28, 2011  

I've always been and will always be a wuss when it comes to the cold. Ruby looks so cute with her head tilted to one side. Makes me want to squeeze those cheeks. And blue eyes are just stunning!

Anonymous Tuesday, March 01, 2011  

Piper perfect blue eyes. Ruby Violet and beautiful as always. good week. *w*

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