Monday Mingle 2.21.11

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello again! I am turning a new leaf and am actually looking forward to doing the mingle. Who would have thought?

Here were the questions for this week:
1. How do you compile grocery list – by an inventory, or writing things as you run out?
2. At what age do you plan on retiring (or your spouse retiring)?
3. What do you plan on doing when you retire?

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cynthia Monday, February 21, 2011  

It's so interesting that you consider yourself "retired" being at home with little ones around. It makes you even more likable in my eyes because this statement tells me that you're really enjoying your life as a stay-at-home mom. A lot of SAHM's (including myself) see their role as full-time caregiver as being a "job" and look forward to their retirement when the kids are older and in school or out of the house. I'm really enjoying your videos. You look very comfortable in front of the camera.

Kimberly Monday, February 21, 2011  

Love, love your accent Jessie. I could listen to you talk all day. :) I laughed when you said you're already retired. Mama, don't you know you're working a 24/7 job being mommy? ;)

Lorie Shewbridge Monday, February 21, 2011  

I LOVE watching your mingles, you are so cute and perky. You seem so happy with your life and your children. I would love to have my grandson living right next door to me and my kids, too. They are all so far away from us and I miss them all so much.
Your daughter is too cute coming up to give you a kiss and it didn't phase you at all, you rock as a mama.
Can't wait to see your next mingle.

Momstart Monday, February 21, 2011  

I'm going whever my kids go just to be near them and the grandchildren. My husband agrees so we'll follow them around!

Debbie Monday, February 21, 2011  

You are super organized in your kitchen, good for you! I LOVE the "blackmail of having your kids live close to you. I live close to my parents and I LOVE it. I don't know what I'd do without them. They take my kids for sleepovers and fun activities and it gives me time to regroup. I'm so grateful for that. Have a fantastic week :)

Liz Mays Monday, February 21, 2011  

You're so funny about being retired. I think it's good for marriage when the hubs doesn't plan on retiring. Just sayin'. :)

Robyn Wright of Robyn's Online World Monday, February 21, 2011  

ROFL - too funny! I love that you told the kids that! I only have one so sadly that won't work for me.

Annie Tuesday, February 22, 2011  

I love your fridge behind you - soooo pretty :)

Totally good idea to use an armoir for a pantry. "Necessity is the mother of invention" right?

LOL you are NOT retired! hehehehe I am loving that you think that way though. And my husband is just like yours - he will always and forever be working something. His dad is the same way. His dad is wealthy enough that he could stop going to work, but he does cause he likes it.

Nice to meet you! Your header is amazing! you have such lovely girls :)

Angela Friend Tuesday, February 22, 2011  

Retired! Are you joking? You have the best job in the world! Anyway, I love seeing you on video! I would have never guessed you had that accent! I love it! Trust me you would LAUGH if you heard my West Texas Accent!!!! We are always "fix'n" to do something around here!
I wanted to get in touch with you, while I am at the office. My router went out at home, so I will go get a new one while I am in town today and hopefully get back online! I did get your e-mail about Thursdays theme..I just can not reply from home? So dumb I know...I will get busy when I get home and see if I get the new router going. If you don't hear from me by this evening...then Houston we have a problem! Wish me luck, talk to you tonight!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• Tuesday, February 22, 2011  

I love your laugh!
I love an organized pantry. :) Unfortunately we don't have a pantry at all. We decided to not bring the bookshelf which we were using as a pantry with us during the move. So! Yeah, I need to figure that out.
LOL! That's a good idea to tell the kids that. I'll have to remember that.
Have a great week :)

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Wednesday, February 23, 2011  

You are so funny - I get such a kick out of you. I agree with Lorie - you seem so very happy, and I'll bet you are fun to hang out with!

I love what you told your kids - I am going to have to keep that in mind :)

Thanks for mingling!

Daenel T. Thursday, February 24, 2011  

"Spacy" vlogging is fun vlogging!

Grocery shopping once a month ~ oh that must be nice. I go every two weeks and then fill in during the week.

Girlfriend, you are not retired ~ you have little people following you around. LOL

You sound like my mother~in~law, my kids go to her house every weekend, holidays and spend the summer with her. We live exactly 3.1 miles away.

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