Flip Friday - Feeding the big dog

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

I haven't been able to keep up my Flip Friday every week because I am old and forget am SO busy being an awesome mom. I have been meaning to get a video of the girls feeding Marley but haven't done it until today. It is their job and they love it. Marley came with some tricks and this was one of them. I love a dog you tell to stay and they actually listen.


cynthia Friday, February 18, 2011  

I'm beginning to think I'm underutilizing my video cameras. I used to use it more when the boys were much younger. Hmmm .... You've got me thinking.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, February 18, 2011  

That is the cutest thing ever! What a good dog. I thought when they ran to the chair that Marley was going to come bounding in. Impressive.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Friday, February 18, 2011  

That is just adorable! Have I told you how cute your girls are?...lol

And talk about a good dog!

Chrissy Friday, February 18, 2011  

Um....so flippin' cute!!!! Just watching Ruby say, staaaaaayyyy. And her and Violet clap at the same time. I'm just as proud of them as Marley!

Kimberly Monday, February 21, 2011  


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