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>> Friday, January 28, 2011

On Monday after we left the house I took the pictures of the girls at we climbed in the car and they all immediately fell asleep. As I was driving home I decided to make a detour and try out a location that a photographer friend has used before. They all got 30 minute naps and when we got to the park I asked them if they would let me take just a few more pictures. They said no. Not only did they say no but Violet burst into tears over it too. It's all good. We walked to Kerr Mill which was right next to the park and I tried to explain to the girls how the old water wheel used to make power for things. I must admit that I have problems wrapping my mind around stuff like that too but I tried. How I wish my engineer husband would have been there to assist with my lame explanation. It sure was a relaxing scene though. Since they didn't want their picture taken I decided to shoot a few of the wheel. This was actually the picture I first used Pioneer Woman's "Vintage" action on and I liked it. That then made me use a tweaked version again yesterday. I go though really liking something and playing with it a ton and then you might never see me use it again.

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Mrs. Stam Friday, January 28, 2011  

I LOVE this picture! I wish I had something like this close to home!

deb duty Friday, January 28, 2011  

Beautiful photo! And sounds like a fun and interesting outing despite them not wanting their picture taken.

Marla Friday, January 28, 2011  

Awesome shot. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Anonymous Friday, January 28, 2011  

I wish I had something like this too!! Wow! So unbelievably gorgeous & your editing is so perfect & fitting to this. Happy Friday! xx

Anonymous Friday, January 28, 2011  

Great shot!!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, January 28, 2011  

Tim is in charge of explaining all science and math stuff. I get writing, grammar, reading and all of that. Doesn't much help when the math man isn't around though, does it?

Today I made a 'must read' folder in my Google Reader. Life. Changing. Thanks for that tip!

Tara Friday, January 28, 2011  

Beautiful photo! Wow, and so close to you...that is great. LOL at your little girls...Jack says that to me all the time. I say "a couple more pictures" and I always get "No, Mama!"!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Friday, January 28, 2011  

I love Sloan Park! It's got so many great spots!

Unknown Saturday, January 29, 2011  

This is gorgeous. Love the action you applied!

Unknown Saturday, January 29, 2011  

Oh I love this Jessie, just beautiful...it worked out perfectly now didn't it! Not able to capture your gorgeous girls, but you caught this moment!

Ashley Sisk Saturday, January 29, 2011  

This is beautiful - I love that softness with the vintage look.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Monday, January 31, 2011  

Wow - this is an excellent picture! I desperately want to learn how to take photos like this.

Kimberly Monday, January 31, 2011  

Love the comp here Jessie. Too bad the girls weren't up for photos. That looks like a great location!

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