Small Style Thursday

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

Participation in Team Up Thursday was down so Megan and Melody decided to take the summer off. What am I to do? I love memes to get me through the week. The less thinking that this mama has to do the better :) I have been watching Stephanie do Small Style Thursday at Mama Loves Papa for awhile now and thought I would try it out. Let me start out by saying we shop thrift stores. Almost exclusively. However you would be very surprised at what people are donatinging these days at least I am floored a lot of the time. It is a Hanna day here at the zoo but I adore the quality of the clothing and when I find it almost always buy because it easily makes it's way down the line and often times I can either donate or gift the item when Ruby has outgrown it.

Small Style 6.2.11

From left to right:
Piper is wearing a Hanna Andersson dress bought off eBay and was her first day of school dress. Today we paired it with a pair of longer cotton shorts made by Tangerine which were purchased from Goodwill. Shoes from the Disney Store Outlet because I don't buy used flip flops - yuck!

Ruby is wearing a Hanna Andersson dress purchased at Goodwill and a 2nd hand Happy Cheeks diaper purchased years ago from Hyena Cart. You can't see it but it is super cute with Heather Ross's light blue goldfish fabric. Yep, I still love it! No shoes - my girl :)

Violet is wearing an Old Navy tee that I got at an awesome consignment sale in our area and her skirt was purchased for $.25 at a thrift store because it had a hole. Big deal right? I got a super cool peace/flower/earth patch and ironed it on. Problem solved and it is one of her favorite skirts. Princess shoes from Target. You also can't buy these used because they stink after worn for a few weeks. Again. Yuck!

Normally they choose sort of out there clothes but today they are pretty normal. This will not be the case each week though :) I encourage them to pick out their own clothes and figure out their own style.

Lastly because she let me.


Liz Mays Thursday, June 02, 2011  

Your Goodwill has terrific finds! Amazing!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking Thursday, June 02, 2011  

They all look amazing! That photo of her is absolutely beautiful. She is so photogenic!!

Lil Muse Lily Thursday, June 02, 2011  

Your 3 girls are just beautiful and they have great small style!

felicia Thursday, June 02, 2011  

I wish I could find such great stuff at our thrift stores! Your girls are lovely!

expatriababy Thursday, June 02, 2011  

Oh my, what a gorgeous photo (the last one). I'm glad you've joined Small Style so I get to see such beauty!

Color Land Thursday, June 02, 2011  

They all look adorable!
Love the last photo!

Corey~living and loving Friday, June 03, 2011  

your girls are adorable, and that last shot....WOW! stunning.

I'm a thrifter too. 95% of Sugar's clothes are second hand, either through thrifting or hand me downs.

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