Monday Mingle 6.27.11

>> Monday, June 27, 2011

When I was in Ohio I was able to sleep in but now that I am back home 5am I am wide awake. What is that all about? Matt left the house at about 6:20 am this morning and Piper got up. Here I sit at 6:45 feeling like I have already been up 1/2 the day :) At least it is nice outside and I am enjoying the beautiful morning with my coffee and you! The questions for this week's mingle are:

1. Do you like going to the county fair? Are you going this year?
2. What is your guilty pleasure food at fairs or amusement parks?
3. Finish this sentence… “It never fails – every time I go to the grocery store,

The cat even made an appearance this week. What do they say about a black cat crossing your path? Don't come here because it will happen multiple times a day :) Until next week...
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Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Monday, June 27, 2011  

Hi Jessie! You are just so "comfy" to watch, if that makes sense. I feel like I'm right there with you.

Your husband DOES rock to get you a laptop - congrats!

That is too cute about the fair. Yeah, the kids don't need to know otherwise for now :)

The background at your house is beautiful! It looks so peaceful.

Thanks for mingling and have a wonderful week!

Jenine Monday, June 27, 2011  

Aw man! A laptop??? Wow! Yes, your husband definitely does rock.

Your view is beautiful. And it sounds so quiet with birds chirping and everything. So jealous.

OOOOOO KITTY! I'm watching your video simultaneously as I'm typing here and your cat just crossed the deck railing right behind JUST as my little girl walked up to look at the screen. So she pointed at your cat and giggled.

Yeah I could go for a funnel cake right now. Oh how I miss baked goods!

Lorie Shewbridge Tuesday, June 28, 2011  

I agree... wonderful hubby to get you a laptop, I got one from my hubby about a month ago. Aren't they wonderful? Both the hubs and the laptops, I mean.
I love your view off your deck, how peaceful and gorgeous.
I think that was so cut what you told your kids about "Grandma's Festival" - let them enjoy it now.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

brooke Thursday, June 30, 2011  

Love the mug and the fact that you are outside. I am the same way about the coupons. Makes me mad when I know that we have them, and I forgot the coupon thing at home.

(new follower!)

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