Our Great Ohio Adventure 2011 - Day 1

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

You would think that this was my first solo road trip but sadly it wasn't. The girls and I have been traveling the 8 hour trip from NC to OH alone since Piper was born. With children that 8 hour trip is always longer. In fact when Ruby was only 3 months old we did our 17 day tour of the Midwest which sort of burned me out on traveling for awhile but the next summer we were right back at it. So what made this trip difficult? Planning. I have been pretty bad at planning ahead lately. Now I am not a procrastinator but I just made plans for the very day before we were to leave so nothing came together in the morning. For starters I got to the exit (about 15 minutes from my home) and realized I had the set of my husbands work keys still in my car from the prior day. Turn around. Go back. Add 1/2 hour to that 8 hours. We planned on stopping at The Tamarak to get gas, use the restrooms, and have a picnic lunch. When we got there Ruby told me that she had pooped. Ok, no worries. Oh wait - I forgot the diapers!!! How did that happen? Now I am wondering "What else did I forget?". Lucky for me I still cloth diaper about 1/2 the time at home and had a Fuzzi Bunz diaper that I stuffed with napkins. All redneck like. I guess that if it were all redneck I might duct tape the napkins to my girl so I was a few steps above that :) We had a very nice lunch and the mountain breezes were beautiful. We finished and piled in the car to find a grocery store. When we finally found I had Ruby on my hip and we were working our way down the diaper aisle when I felt something warm. She made it 15 minutes in my napkin diaper and then went on me. Nice. It was a smooth 4.5 hours after that though as I put in a movie and then forced them to both play their Leapster's and also to watch for cows and horses. Fun times. We arrived at the cousins house hung with grandma and grandpa and they all managed to stay up until 10pm. It is going to be a super fun week!

6.18.11 cousins


Buckeroomama Tuesday, June 21, 2011  

The cousins are so pretty together! :) That little Ruby... boy, she's so delightful. I always smile when I see her in your photos. :)

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