52 Weeks of Me - Daily Object (26/52)

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are we really half way through the year? OMGosh I just can't believe it! I guess the longest day of the year was last week so in a blink summer vacay will be over, school will start again, and then bam (!!,) Christmas. Just kidding. I want to enjoy every single day of our summer vacation before I have to send my baby off to public school for another year. So this week we were in the great state of Ohio. It rained. Everyday. Well, everyday except Saturday when I took my selfie and as I wrote this post the day wasn't over yet :) The poor midwest is just getting hammered with rain! I hope summer comes for them soon. Our theme this week was Daily Object and I ask you to choose which one you think mine is. Ok, many days it is all 3 :) Especially on vacation which is what I am on (right Matt?).


26 down, 26 to go. Put that selfie in our flickr pool so we can all check them out in 1 place. Next week is At home/at work and we are headed that way today.


Corey~living and loving Sunday, June 26, 2011  

fun shot. I feel like I'm right there. :) i don't have a laptop....so that is so foreign to me.

Cara Sunday, June 26, 2011  

Love it! You have good taste in beer too! I could have taken that exact picture.

Jen Monday, June 27, 2011  

Mmmm. Now I want a beer. It's 10:50 am on Monday and I am at work, which I guess is not a good combo. Awesome shot!

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