52 Weeks of Me - Connections (23/52)

>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

The connections that we make during the course of our lifetime really are what shape us to be who we are.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same." -Unknown

How true right? I have cared deeply for each of the people throughout my life that I have called friend but lives change and so do those friendships. Sometimes we get really lucky though and have those special individuals that through thick and thin are there. I am blessed to have great connections in my life with people who love me and support me. Everyone should be so lucky. The internet is interesting and through it I have connected with the awesome ladies participating in our 52 week project. Some have continued and others have quit (totally ok to start back by the way! Anytime!). There are 2 people that I miss from the blogging world though. If you happen to read my blog today Kimberly and Joey know that you are missed very much. By MANY! You posts were witty and beautiful. Please come back!

What does this post have to do with my selfie? Nothing I just wanted to say "I love you man" :)


As always thank you for participating and be sure to add your shot to our flickr pool. Next week is Framing You. Until then have a fabulous week!


Corey~living and loving Sunday, June 05, 2011  

Great take on the theme. I really like it. it is fun.

Liz Mays Sunday, June 05, 2011  

So cool! How'd you do that?

Jen Sunday, June 05, 2011  

On my. That is just perfect. So original and creative. I love it.

Cara Monday, June 06, 2011  

This is so fun, you are so creative pretty Momma! Looks like you are playing a hand game like "CeeCee my Playmate."

Joey Lynn Resciniti Tuesday, June 07, 2011  

Look at you kicking your own butt at hot hands! What a cool picture!

I do miss the blog. I have a killer story about Tim offending a giant ex wrestler. Perhaps I could get some gratification from guest posting???


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