Wordful Wednesday - She's A Maniac

>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

maniac on the floor, and she's dancing like she's never danced before.

(9/52) MCP

I was going to put that beautiful quote here "Dance like nobody is watching..." but to my girls what is the point? They don't get applause or any sort of positive feedback. Just kidding. They dance all the time but when I get out the Flip they put on a real show :) You don't have to watch the whole 2 minutes but you have to watch until Ruby starts to dance. She just cracks me up! Mommy goggles and all ♥

You see Ruby run off and that is because she has learned to open our back sliding glass door. The dogs requested to come in and she went running. She thinks she is quite the big girl doing this and I walk in the kitchen now to her standing with the door wide open often.

I have a favor to ask of all you tweeters. I am in the running to win $100 but it is sort of a popularity thing. It was the contest from last week with Violet making the hand heart. Anyway, if you could tweet "I vote for #HeartU05" that would be great! I mean if you are on there already I would appreciate it very much! What would I do if I won that money? Rent a lens as a present to myself. Yes, I am not putting it away for Violet but instead spending it on moi because I am turning 40 and that is as old as dirt so I deserve it right? Thanks a bunch!

Please visit our lovely hostesses at Wordful Wednesday if you get a chance. You won't be sorry because they are HILARIOUS (yep I just all capped that because they are THAT funny).


Dolce Luna Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

I just love the picture of your beautiful dancer. the movie made me laugh out loud.
very enjoyable. I tweeted.. hope you win :)

Billie Jo Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

Love the picture and the video... the part where she said it went up my butt was hilarious... :D

Liz Mays Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

They're darling, and yes she really did take off running, didn't she? Funny how they so enjoy being in front of the camera at that age!

Anonymous Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

Too cute. She is just like Zoe though off playing!

Stacy Uncorked Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

They are absolutely ADORABLE!!! :)

WW: Waiting for Spring

Ashley Sisk Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

LOL that's awesome!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

So precious! I totally need to get Jules some leg warmers. Just when you think there dance outfits can't get any cuter you put them in little leg warmers!

Colleen @AMadisonMom Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

She looks like she dances like Ana. With the one tippy toe. Heehee.

Michelle @Flying Giggles Thursday, March 03, 2011  

They are so adorable. I love her leg warmers!

And I tweeted..good luck! Can we tweet it more than once? You deserve a good bday present!

Buckeroomama Friday, March 04, 2011  

Adorable video! Your girls are just precious. Little Ruby is SO cute. I know I sound like a broken record, but she is just darling! :)

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