Monday Mingle 3.28.11

>> Monday, March 28, 2011

Again another one of those freeze frames that you wish were different lol :) Sorry I got a little long winded this week:) Turning 40 has that effect on you lol :)

This weeks questions were:
1. What is your favorite song right now?
2. How good are you about using coupons at the grocery store?
3. Do you have a Smartphone? If so what are your top 3 games/apps?

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Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom Monday, March 28, 2011  


I'm so glad you mingled again :)

Congrats for joining the 40's club - I've been there for 5 years!

Have a wonderful week!

Ann Monday, March 28, 2011  

Happy Belated Birthday! Just thought I'd drop in from the Monday Mingle. Definitely agree about the coupons; I wish they made more for healthier foods!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy Monday, March 28, 2011  

Happy Birthday! You look fabulous for forty!! ;-)

Liz Mays Monday, March 28, 2011  

I was totally fine on being 40, but 30 was a disaster!

You're absolutely right about coupons being pretty geared toward processed food items.

I had a Blackberry-like phone and I actually really did like it, but now I have an android phone and I like that too!

Daenel T. Monday, March 28, 2011  

Happy birthday! You don't look 40. Girl, you should celebrate each and every day. But I know, it's the number that gets to you...

Anyway, have a great week.

Amy Tuesday, March 29, 2011  

Coldplay is great--I agree. Way to go, being an extreme couponer at CVS for toiletries! I need to take lessons!

Kate Tuesday, March 29, 2011  

How fun! Happy Birthday. Your girls are precious :)

Chrissy Tuesday, March 29, 2011  

Just saw this, I didn't realize I was congratulating you on your 40th!!! You are a true beauty. No makeup (ok, free hot pink lip gloss doesn't count when it comes out sheer:)) and pure pretty, inside and out. Enjoyed watching your "mingle"...what a fun concept. I agreed on the majority of topic (but I, alas, I have a droid x and la la la love it!)

Debbie Wednesday, March 30, 2011  

Happy Belated birthday Jessie. I hope I look as good as you do when I hit 40. (only 5 years). Coldplay is awesome! LOVE all their songs. I hear you with the coupons-always for processed foods, what gives? I would LOVE to see a coupon for apples or cucumbers.
My Blackberry works great for me right now too. Have a good week ;D

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