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>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a great theme! It is everywhere if we look and I am so excited to see what everyone who is following along with our wonderful hostesses contributes this week. Angie clearly lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth I have seen. I have only driven through Texas on our way from CA to NC and then visited Fort Worth but neither time did I ever see what she shows in her photographs each week. My shot was taken last week (I think) and it is a weed that grows in our yard. Violet loves these "flowers". She comments on the yards that have them when we are out walking.

Everyday Beauty

Speaking of our Violet. Her photo that I took is in the running to win $100 but I need some tweets. You can only tweet once but if you have an account I would SO appreciate it! All you would need to tweet is "I vote for #HeartU05". Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There is more Team Up Thursdays at Melody's and Megan's.


Angela Friend Thursday, March 03, 2011  

I just LOVE the story behind you photo! It makes it even more beautiful!

Mrs. Stam Thursday, March 03, 2011  

Wow those shots are great!!!!

hipMomma Thursday, March 03, 2011  

Wow, team. Very nice. What a beautiful blue to have in the yard. Especially now that we are all wanting some nice weather.

Joanna Thursday, March 03, 2011  

I am craving Spring and these flowers are so inviting. Beautiful shots.

Joey Lynn Resciniti Friday, March 04, 2011  

Those are adorable flowers!

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