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>> Saturday, March 19, 2011

I have been eyeing a patch of pretty purple flowers in my neighbors yard most of this week patiently waiting for them to be in the shade or for an overcast day. Well, they are never in the shade and the day it was overcast it was also raining. I knew that I didn't have time on my hands because my neighbors have their lawn tended to and normally the company comes on Fridays. I am horrible at shooting in full sun but I wanted to put this on my blog so that I could remember that those flowers might come back next year and that I can prepare for it.


In other news. We had some old bread to feed the ducks yesterday and while we were coming back in the yard Marley ran out. I called her but she ran straight for the lake. Yep, down the hill of rip rap and into the water. I had a baby on my hip and 2 behind me chasing the dog down our cove. What a sight that was I am sure. I finally lured her to me but had to hold onto her collar because she wanted back in the water. True lab. I told my girlfriend the story last night and she said that it was funny and I agreed. Then. However, while it was happening I was just hoping that she came to me and not swim to the other side of the cove and run off. Again, she is a lab after all :)


Mama.Mommy.Mom. Wednesday, March 23, 2011  

LOL We did the same thing Sunday afternoon (pics in the flowers) before I mowed them down. I'm thinking of planting a tulip bed this fall for the express purpose of taking pics next spring. Crazy, I know!

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