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>> Thursday, December 9, 2010

It was nice to participate in a TUT challenge again. Hope. My heart is beginning to heal. A little. The other night my husband and I talked about our family. Nothing major, just talking. Neither of us know what to do at this point. I wish I had more time to decide but my age is against us. Although I am filled with emotion looking at the picture I took Angie's makes me smile and look forward to Christmas a little more. Her lighting is beautiful. We are a colored light family but some years I think about getting white JUST to photograph our tree. I still can't believe how similar our shots are - we never do that lol :)

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Cara Thursday, December 09, 2010  

I love the message Jessie. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

I go back and forth each year with white versus colored lights, I just can't decide which I like best.

Andrea Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Great picture...I love the meaningfulness behind it too...

Buckeroomama Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Beautiful shots, both!

Our lights are multi-colored, too... and I wish for simple plain white lights. But I know the kids LOVE the "rainbow" lights. :)

Jen Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Oh, these go perfectly together.

hipMomma Thursday, December 09, 2010  

It's perfect. Christmas and decorating and good cheer.

I hope your heart heals soon. Your family is complete right now, whether you decide to add another will just be icing on the cake. Live for today, for you girls. Look to them for light.

Together We Save Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Great pictures but the meaning is very special!

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, December 09, 2010  

I'm so glad you're healing and talking and all of that.

Your TUT is gorgeous. It would make a lovely framed holiday art thingy if I had it in me to change pictures just for Christmas!

Michelle @Flying Giggles Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Both of your pics are similar and they are both gorgous! I cannot wait to get our tree up. We are running a bit behind this year!

Kimberly Thursday, December 09, 2010  

Hope, it's a powerful thing isn't it Jessie?

Love the synchronicity you and your partner are sharing this week.

Megan Friday, December 10, 2010  

a lovely diptych. so warm. i am sorry for your loss and hope these are healing days for you.

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