52 Weeks of ME!

>> Sunday, December 26, 2010

That might sound boring to some people but to me it screams challenge. Cara@I Miei Due Bambini told me to think about a 52 week project rather than a 365 project b/c I was worried about failing with it again this year. Perfect. I was on Flickr and saw that some people do 365 days of ALL self portraits . While surfing I saw that there were 52 week groups as well! I loved their creativity and decided that was a challenge for me. Excited that I made a decision I emailed Cara to ask if she was going to do a 52 week project and who she was doing it with. She asked if I wanted to join her and I said yes. Every Sunday I will post my self portrait here and Cara will on her blog. Using the Mister Linky widget you can link your photo and join in on the project. You don't need a blog to participate just create an account with flickr, upload your photo there, and use that link. I love visiting other people's blogs or flickr pages and see what they came up with. It inspires me. We will start this project January 2, 2011 and continue to post our self portraits each Sunday. Cara and I will pick a theme each week for us to do and you are welcome to do the same or come up with your own. Our first theme will be TRADITIONAL PORTRAIT. I will try and have a button made by 2/2 that you can add to your post.

Happy Holidays!


Ashley Sisk Sunday, December 26, 2010  

I'm excited to see all your self portraits. Like I said, I doubt I can do 52 weeks of Self-portraits, but I congratulate your effort!

Angela Friend Monday, December 27, 2010  

Sounds great! This should be fun...See ya Sunday!

Billie Jo Tuesday, January 04, 2011  

I am excited to get this started... I hope I can stick with :) and get a better self image by the end.

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