Team Up Thursday - Walk

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am going to try something new. My friend Kimberly from Altering Life suggested that I give Team Up Thursday a try so I emailed Megan and asked if there was anyone needing a partner. How lucky was I to get paired up with Angie from Painting Chic? *Sigh* to be creative like that :) We went with the host's theme this week which was WALK. Let me start by saying I love her shot b/c I ♥ shadow shots :) and then I want to add how funny it is that her shadow was missing the ankles & feet which I supplied lol :) Fun start!

Looking closely I am need of some foot pampering before sandal season. The other shot I debated on using is on my 365 Blog if you want to check it out. Of course it's my kids.
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i love plum Thursday, March 04, 2010  

this took my breath away!!!! wow, wow, wow!!!! i'll be revisiting this shot again and again...WOW!!! great job!!! ox

Cara Thursday, March 04, 2010  

I love shadow photo's too, I also like how you supplied the feet (LOL)!
Great job!
I loved the other photo on you 365 blog too!

Kimberly Thursday, March 04, 2010  

YOU HAVE A TATOO? That is so cool! Umm, okay, enthusiasm under control now.

I am so, so tickled that you joined TUT. :) And it looks like you got one heck of a talented partner to boot. Yay! And your first photos fit perfectly well together. I can't wait to see more. :)

Angela Friend Thursday, March 04, 2010  

YEA!!! We did it! This is going to be so much fun! So glad you are on my team, our pictures fit good together! Have a great weekend!

Megan Thursday, March 04, 2010  

this is a great pair. i guess the feet in your shot decided to walk a different direction & didn't want to stay attached ;). so glad you are playing!

HipMomma Thursday, March 04, 2010  

So glad you are playing!

The pictures fit GREAT together. I love seeing when one is close up and the other is farther back. Awesome job, team.

Jen Thursday, March 04, 2010  

That is too funny. I love that you supplied the feet. Both are such creative photos of "walk".

Joey Lynn Resciniti Thursday, March 04, 2010  

The pictures do go well together. Nice job!

Joanna Thursday, March 04, 2010  

So glad to have another team joinging Team Up Thursday. It really is a fun weekly challenge for everyone. I like how you both caught different angles....The long drawn out shadow compared to the close up of your feet balance each other out nicely. Great shots!

Melissa G Thursday, March 04, 2010  

Love it! What a great pair. And I love yours - the texture of the carpet reminds me of walking in the sand at the beach.

Christina Thursday, March 04, 2010  

Hi, welcome to the game and nice to "meet" you! You guys started off with a great ditpych - the different perspective are terrific, and then I love it that your feet add to her shadow shot! hehe!

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye Friday, March 05, 2010  

Love the shots this week! I like how very different they are, but both represent the same "walk" theme. It's so neat seeing everyones' different perspectives in this group.

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