Team Up Thursday - Green

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maybe only the Irish are lucky this time of year b/c there was no luck for me this week. I tried a few times starting on Sunday to get a good shot for Team Up Thursday but tanked. It seems that I can't shake off my mood that started on Monday. I will be back to happy again soon - hopefully :) So Angie and I chose to do GREEN for our theme. I love hers b/c I love cows. That beautiful green grass makes me want to roll around in it. Our grass is still brown but spring is here and the weather is warming up. Bring it!

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HipMomma Thursday, March 18, 2010  

I love that drop in the corner just waiting to fall into all that space. Great job. Sometime we don't get it right away but I think you got it. And I'm not sure that I'd roll in the grass with the cows but you got right ahead. ;)

Megan Thursday, March 18, 2010  

i am so laughing at melody's comment :). your photo is so tantalizing; i just want to reach in and catch that drop as it falls -- great pair!

Kimberly Thursday, March 18, 2010  

Oh pish, posh! Look at that water drop and the myriad of different greens you've captured. Success my friend, again!

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye Thursday, March 18, 2010  

Great pair - like the green theme! And don't be so hard on yourself. Your coloring in your shot is beautiful, and I loved your composition how you had the little droplet dangling in the corner. Great job!

Killlashandra Thursday, March 18, 2010  

Beautiful water droplet. I know what you mean about brown though. Around here the green is starting to remind us all spring is almost here. Both shots go great together. :)

Killlashandra Thursday, March 18, 2010  

PS I love the cows too. :) I thought I could go comment on Angie's site but then didn't see it.

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Thursday, March 18, 2010  

I think it's an awesome shot!

Mama.Mommy.Mom. Friday, March 19, 2010  

They are out Linwood Road (the street my subdivision is off) which turns into Deal Road when you hit Rowan County. Maybe 7 or 8 minutes from the house. I'm going to go out in the morning and see if I can get pics and the nearest address so I can track down the owner.

Joanna Thursday, March 25, 2010  

Perfectly beautiful waterdrop just waiting to be released. I am such a sucker for capturing waterdrops. Beautiful green grass under those cows too...Melody is funny though! :0)

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